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How To Keep Yourself Fit During The Lockdown At Home

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People all over the world are currently at home, and the gym is looking more and more like an off-limit area. However, one thing we cannot give up on is exercising. 

We would like to share a few ways you can try to keep fit during these challenging times and maybe come out of the lockdown just as you went back in.

 1. Taking Regular Walks and Runs

It is a bit of a stretch, considering it is a method while under lockdown; however, staying inactive for long periods of time is ill-advised by a lot of professionals. Taking regularly scheduled walks or runs while also maintaining the health regulations as stipulated by your country’s leading health sector is a good way to stay fit. Ensure that you maintain distance from other people and don a mask at all times.

2. Having a Dynamic Cleaning Process

Funnily enough, make your bed and lie in it. This is a two-in-one fitness method that can be done weekly or every two weeks, depending on your cleaning schedule. The overall cleaning of a house or apartment is a job in itself. It takes time effort, and a lot of mobility is involved. It is in a weird literal sense, making your bed and exercising with it. Having an enlivened cleaning process every week allows you to have a clean space to stay happy, moisturized, and fully functional, but it also keeps a certain level of fitness in your lockdown routine.

3. Bringing Back the Lean Routine

The 90s hit fitness tv exercises are back and better than ever. Moreover, some of them are still as effective and fun as ever before. It’s like taking a wonderful trip down memory lane, and for those in the much younger generation, it may be considered a look into the past greatness. Using 80s or even 90s tv workouts such as Tae Bo by Billy Blanks, The Lean Routine, or Get Up and Dance by Paula Abdul is a great way to stay fit. It’s fun, private, and gets the job done in keeping fit during the lockdown.

4. Operation: Yoga

Yoga is the stress diminishing, spine straightening, and overall a mentally soothing activity. It is a versatile exercise that keeps you physically, mentally, and spiritually at peace, or rather, fit. Yoga is known to let people relax and give them a good night’s rest. Not only is physical fitness important but also mentally. Yoga fits this package deal in maintaining one’s mental health while under lockdown. Moreover, it helps diminish fatigue while working from home.

5. There’s an App for Everything

This is the 21st century, and, there’s an app that lets you milk cows and another that does absolutely nothing, so of course, there’s a lot of fitness apps out there. They help in tracking your fitness and exercising in the course of the day. Moreover, you can equip them with goals and have them remind you of whether or not you’ve met your daily quota. These fitness apps are great for people that need that extra push to get the pedal to the medal and stay fit.

6. Pedal to the Medal

Speaking of wheels, bike or scooter riding is a one size fits all type of activity. It’s never too late to ride a bike or a scooter, and this is one great way to keep the glutes firm and in shape. Of course, you have to wear a mask and maintain a good distance away from other people, but that shouldn’t stop you from re-living your childhood and staying fit, of course.

7. Bring the Gym to You

Having a fully equipped gym at the comfort of your home is a dream that most people do not realistically have. However, having pieces of the gym alongside your will power, it is achievable. Regardless of whether you live in a house or apartment, having weights is doable.

Moreover, you can have and use resistance bands for that extra muscle workout. This is a great choice, and they can be easily stored. Furthermore, a skipping rope should not be looked down on, Double Dutch is still a great sport, and sports keep you fit.

In conclusion, there are a good number of ways anybody can keep both physically and mentally fit at the comfort of their homes and at little expense. It is all up to a person and whether or not they want to come out of the lockdown healthy, moisturized, flourishing, happy, unbothered, and overall fit for days.

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