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8 Tips To Confess Your Love For A Crush

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Remember the time when you first saw your crush walking by, like an angel. Let’s be honest, the above line made you think about them and smile like a deep-in-love being; you still watch them, laugh with them, want to be with them all time, and even try hiding your feelings which eventually made them grow further. 

Unfortunately, all these feelings wouldn’t go so, why not just confess what you feel about them? Maybe, that would help you before you go insane thinking about that person(you know the name).

Here is the list of how you should approach your crush; try to follow it rather than doing something crazy:

Start Dropping Hints:

Do something that makes them realize that you like them. Whether it’s about sending texts or giving a call just to ask them – How was their day?

 Take small steps, gently move forward, try to understand from mutual friends what are their feelings about you?

Pick the Special day:

Fix a deadline by which you must tell your crush about your feelings. The nerves can get to a person, and he/she may put off talking about this for as long as possible, and this isn’t the best outcome. 

The longer one waits and overthinks, and it will make things even tougher.

What should be a Good Time:

Choose a good time to declare your feelings to your crush. You don’t want the other person to be in a bad mood, distracted, or busy because that will eliminate your chances of a positive response even before you begin. Plan a meeting or just catch up with them when they aren’t occupied.

Converse Privately:

Talk to your crush in private as confessing feelings in front of a crowd will make you nervous and make them feel pressured.

More chances can be your crush overreact. May feel embarrassed and cornered and probably will not react in the best manner.

Try to be Bold and Confident:

Clarity and confidence can make your conversation better. You just have to put your feeling into words in front of your crush. Confidence is often counted as an attractive feature that people look for, so this may work well for you. 

It takes a bold person to talk openly about their feelings, and you gotcha, dear!

Respect their Emotions:

Try making the conversation easy for your crush. Make them feel comfortable and understand that there is a chance of rejection, although it would be tough to accept it but embrace it as a mature person. When you speak, ensure that you don’t make them feel like they have to respond immediately.

Do What You Feel Like:

When you decide to talk to the person you have feelings for, you must be comfortable doing what you feel, meaning how you want to confess. If you feel that you should write or text first, then do that. Writing an email or texting first helps in checking any shocks that your crush might feel. It will give them time to accept what you told them and come up with a suitable response.

Chance to Regret:

What if your crush moved away and never had the chance to tell them how you felt? Would that upset you a lot? Hence, it’s essential to let your crush knows what you think about them. Rejection is better than retreating.

Suppressed feelings are toxic and kill you mentally throughout the time; whether it’s an easy or hard thing to do, confession is always the right thing to do instead of secretly loving them till the end or suppressing your feelings. Even if you got rejected, then the positive part is you could easily move on.

No matter how many excuses you created for yourself, just go for it!

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