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Are you getting pocketed in your relationships? Here’s how to detect it.

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People often get confused between the term pocketing and cheating. But there is a world of difference between the two, which are two entirely different terms. 

Cheating is a general term and can be used from various perspectives but pocketing is used solely in dating. 

Pocketing means when a person you are dating is hiding you from the people in their life. It doesn’t mean cheating or stealing; pocketing means keeping you and the relationship secret. 

It’s alright to do so during the starting phases of a relationship. However, when things start getting serious, getting to know each other’s family is imperative so you can be a part of it. 

But, there is a thin line between being cautious during the initial stages of a relationship and hiding away a person in your life. That’s why the term pocketing came to light. 

Pocketing has become quite common these days. There can be many reasons why people engage in pocketing, and a few of them are:

Has an affair: There might be a possibility that the person you are dating is already in a relationship. Perhaps they are engaged or married or have children and want a casual affair with you. Thus, they want to pocket you because they know their partner won’t agree.

They are embarrassed about their life: Sometimes, the person you are dating is ashamed of his family background and past life. That’s why they don’t want to introduce you to their family. 

Cultural Barrier: This is one of the most apparent reasons why pocketing happens in relationships. People from different backgrounds know their family won’t accept their partner. 

There can be many more reasons why pocketing happens, but the important point is how to detect that it’s happening to you. 

Here are a few signs through which you can detect:

No conversation about friends and family:

Family is an integral part of everyone’s life, and when the person you are dating never talks about their family, it’s a sign that there is something fishy and a red flag of pocketing.

Never take you to their place:

When a relationship progresses, the next step is to visit that person’s house because you can’t just meet in bars and restaurants every time. If that person never initiates to take you to their place, they might be embarrassed about where they reside. If this happens, then it is an indicator of pocketing.

Never introduce you to their family.

It’s alright to be secretive at the initial stages of a relationship, but even after months and years, it should be a concern if they haven’t introduced you to their friends or family. If they keep on making excuses even after you’re insisting, then it’s not normal. 

You are not a part of their Social Media.

Connecting with your partner on social media is the first step in a relationship. But if that person hasn’t connected you on their social media platforms, then it’s an obvious reason they are pocketing you. 

Wrap up!

The bottom line is that if you notice any sign of pocketing or a couple of them together, it’s high time you have a serious confrontation with them. But don’t be blunt; take it slow and let the other person open up because it might be possible that they have a genuine reason for this. 

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