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We Ask 22 Women- What it Means To Be A “Beautiful Woman”? And This Is Their Definition of Being Beautiful

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A woman’s outer beauty can change over time. What makes a woman beautiful is truly her SOUL:

  • S- Sincere- A woman’s beauty can first be noticed through her sincerity. She operates from a place of love, care and nurture. She has a natural glow and makes decisions based on her heart. She doesn’t have to try and get over on people or pay people back for doing her wrong. She knows good tracks her down everywhere she goes because she’s always looking to be the best she can.
  • O-Open-Minded- A beautiful woman is such a pleasure to be around because of her open-mindedness. She’s always looking to solve problems in a creative way, looking to others for their input as well. She is inclusive and stays positive even in the midst of uncertainties. 
  • U-Understanding– A beautiful woman knows that she doesn’t need to be right all the time; life is not all about proving a point. She is willing to compromise and see situations from others’ point of view. She doesn’t jump to conclusions without asking questions for clarity.
  • L-Leader – A beautiful woman knows exactly who she is. She doesn’t rely on the opinions of others for her validity. She beats to the sound of her own drum and she is not afraid to be bold and put herself out on front street. She will own up to her mistakes and set an example for those around her.- KeNeshia Jalene

“To me, beauty is when everything comes together in a harmonious way. In my work, it’s when an outfit, makeup, and hair all work together to evoke a theme or feeling. In nature, it’s when I see a beautiful pattern on the feathers of a bird or the subtle swirls in my cat’s eyes. It’s often in the details of the ordinary, so I try to remind myself to slow down and take the time to appreciate it.” – ​​Sasha Wichita

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“Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality; one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, and one who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman, who above all else, knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. Someone you can trust and count on when needed. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her. Ironically tho, most of these types of beautiful women, typically put others before themselves, leaving their actual outside beauty to fall to the wayside.” – Tanya

“A confident lady is the epitome of beauty. Someone who knows how to be kind and loving to others while still having the courage to walk away from someone who isn’t worth their time.. A woman whose smile radiates energy and joy, and whose very presence is enough to make you look forward to the next day.” – Natalie

“Beauty should be defined as inner beauty: a woman is beautiful who has a kind heart with compassion for others; a woman who is a good and supportive friend, who is able to love, to come out of herself, not being self-obsessed. A beautiful woman practices good health habits and eschews excessive drinking and other ways to cover up inner pain. A beautiful woman is open and honest, able to express her inner feelings in order to empathetically share with others.” – Terri A. Corcoran

“Beauty is about feeling good in your own skin. It’s about being comfortable in your own body and knowing that you’re worth something, no matter what anyone else says.” – Sheila Eugenio

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“Beauty is a woman who has been told that her laugh is too loud or obnoxious, but laughs anyway. She’s a woman who knows what food she likes, what clothes make her comfortable, and wears her hair however she likes. Beauty is not a way that you look, but a way you act, how you hold yourself, and how to treat other people. I truly believe that someone can be beautiful down to her bones, and then any other way that you dress or make yourself up is just another way to add to your beauty and power.” – Thalita Ferraz

“Being confident in your own skin. Beautiful women are those who feel beautiful. They don’t look to society’s definition of beauty to define themselves. They know who they are and what they like. They leave their house each morning with their head held high.”-  Katie Lyon

“She is one that lights up a room with her love, soul, smile, and good intentions. She brings light where there is sadness and love to all she meets. Her joy fills you up.” – Kris Miller

“Beauty is the confluence between personal confidence and societal approval. Yes, confidence in yourself is the biggest indicator of beauty, but a society that is accepting of all kinds of beauty allows that confidence in individuals to thrive. We wouldn’t be fighting for diversity and inclusion in the beauty space if that weren’t the case. I believe it is the duty of all women to support each other, make each other feel beautiful, not just in their own eyes, but in the eyes of the society around them.” – Katya Wildman

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“A real beautiful woman takes care of her and others, she works for her, to be her best every day. To feel beautiful, she has to do whatever she needs to feel that way. It’s a woman that can accept her body, and works for her improvement.”

“A beautiful woman is a happy woman, and that means everything.” – Zoila Streich

“The definition of beauty is living your life confidently and unapologetically yourself. Beauty is something that is cultivated on the inside and radiates to the outside.” – Alana Van Der Sluys

“A beautiful woman is someone who is unapologetically herself! She can be single, married, in a relationship, or divorced and she still doesn’t think any less of herself. She is unstoppable. She goes after what she wants even if faced with racism, ageism, or any kind of discrimination.” – Mida

“A beautiful woman implies an eye-catching personality and can bring joy and happiness to anything.”

“Being beautiful means having special care and respect for everyone. A beautiful woman should be indescribably enchanting but not necessarily sexually attractive. Non-traditional beauty is something you can’t completely understand, but you still think that person is gorgeous. Moreover, it’s not about the hair, sassy look, clothing, and make-up. It’s simply about the way her smile emits warmth or how she dances when she’s thrilled, no matter who’s staring. Lastly, beauty is sacred, coming from the appropriate combination of confidence, personality, and physical attraction.” – Ellie

“Beautiful is the woman who is a confident, creative soul with a vibrant personality! This sort of woman has a huge zest for life and a hunger for personal improvement, which is complemented by the positive outlook she places on all her endeavors. Most of all, she is like a fountain of youth because her inner beauty is just as much as the outer glow. Finally, she lives with the knowledge that true beauty is indeed like a work of art – you have to turn your own blank or empty canvas into a masterpiece.” – Jamila

“Beauty has nothing to do with outfits, make-up, or hair. It is about a warm smile and how we dance when excited, regardless of the onlookers. Unfortunately, beauty is synonymously used with hot and sexy. But it is wrong because beauty is nonsexual, kind, and contains confidence, personality, and physical attraction.” – Anastasia Filipenko

“Beauty is confidence. It is self-love, and being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is unconventional. Choosing to wake up every day and be who you are unapologetic.” – Natalie

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“Beauty is not just a visual experience; it is a characteristic. Beauty is the confidence you have when you walk into the room and the love you exude. Beauty is perspective, beauty is you.” -Barbara

“The definition of beauty varies from different cultures, perspectives, and communities. True beauty is anything that makes you feel your best and therefore giving you the ability to show up the best you can in every aspect of your life.” – Cameron

“Beauty is embracing who you are. It is showing up confidently and not letting others’ opinions of you sway your opinion of yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the worldly standard of beauty is constantly changing.” – Laura

“True beauty goes beyond appearance. It’s hardly the way you look to other people, and entirely about the way you make people feel. There’s nothing more beautiful than being a genuine person, It’s about building up the people around you, or showing up with a pure heart despite feeling like it’s been broken. Beauty is when a stranger smiles at you on the street, it’s about being a kind light in this world and loving who you are, that kind of beauty shines from within.” – Casee

“When I think of the definition of beauty the word “peace” comes to mind. To be a beautiful woman is to be a haven, to feel safe and make others feel safe to be themselves in the presence of your energy. Beautiful women build connections, facilitate confidence for themselves and for others and practice altruism.” – Logan

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