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The Magical Power Behind Jene Luciani’s  GemBra™️

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“Wear it close to your heart, uplift your body and soul” – Jene Luciani Sena.

Our story

“I had this idea of a crystal healing bra in my head for a long time, and when the pandemic started, I decided to make a prototype. After winning the title among the big find of QVC in 2020, it was all a race to manufacture the bras, building the trademark. I launched in July 2021 and sold 1,500 bras in 8 minutes on the air, and then now we have an e-commerce platform where our products are available.” – Jene.

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The magic behind the GemBra™️

“Different crystals have different properties, and people have believed in their power of healing for centuries. And women wanted to keep them close to their bodies, close to their hearts, so I springboarded that concept and created  GemBra™️. An authentic crystal is embedded in the center of the  GemBra™️, so in this way, we can keep those crystals close to us and wouldn’t have to fear it from falling.” – Jene.

The power of our Peace Bra

“As we wear these crystals throughout the day, various properties of the crystal transmit and help you attract the things that you want in life, like our peace bra that has a crystal embedded in it, known for calming. When you wear it, you will find more peace and attract that sentiment to your life.” – Jene.

My entrepreneurial journey 

“Since I had established my own brand, people already knew me, especially the folks at QVC. And it was more like a combination of me, the  GemBra™️, and the crystal concept, so kind of having a face to the product really helps in building your brand. Along with that, having an emotional attachment to the product and then putting yourself out there will help you out.” – Jene.

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