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5 Different Taste of Erotica Adult Stories

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For most people, erotic stories and erotica are all the same. But there is a lot more inside every story; it is the eyes that need to find it. They are like step-siblings. Unlike erotic romance, erotica doesn’t have a lot of character development. Instead, the plot moves around people getting intimate, how they do it and what comes in the way. People prefer different erotica based on their preferences, and they don’t like generic erotica. 

Here are a few categories of erotica that cater to the different tastes of people.


Fluffy white handcuffs hanging at a bedside

This erotica genre involves role-playing with bondage, sadomasochism, discipline, submission, dominance, and similar interpersonal dynamics. There are many tools and sex toys engaged in this kind of erotica. 

To the people, it reminds them of Rihanna’s whips and chains or Fifty Shades. But BDSM doesn’t always involve sex. It doesn’t mean they love abuse or abuse. 

It’s just that they come off that way. And you can always say no. There is still a dominant and a submissive. Might you like giving a try for BDSM erotica sex stories?

2. Fantasy

erotic stories

Many like to fantasize, about someone, a neighbour, a popular celeb, or anyone. It might get triggered automatically, or act as a sexual stimulation for that person. People love to know about someone they fantasize about. 

3. Historical

erotic stories

While some like to fantasize, others like to read some naughty stuff about a historical character or a story with actions in a historical backdrop. The blend of rawness and roughness of explicit sex, the kink, the language, the backdrop, all these factors stimulate the readers in finding their release.



Not everyone likes generic sex stories. Some like off beats ones like lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender stories as well. Even if they aren’t of any of those sexual interests, reading about that turns on many.

5. Multiple Partners

sex with multiple partners

And, this is another common theme of erotic stories. Some readers like to read stories of multiple partners, even if they don’t want to get involved with many themselves. 

One woman with many men pleasing her, many women pleasing one man, two or three couples together with the partner’s of one another, the choice is endless. Reading about multiple partners makes them feel aroused.

6. Mystery

erotic stories

Many love mystery. Mysterious people attract them; mystic makes their heart thud. Such people enjoy mystery in erotica as well. However, obvious turns them off, so they turn to this genre of erotic stories to get the thrill of getting off. 

7. Romantic

romantic sex

Romance appeals to almost everyone. The courting, the seduction, and then the intimacy, the easy-going pace of the romance is generally loved by those who enjoy vanilla sex. It has a soft theme and more about how they get there instead of just the action. The drama stimulates them and the softness in it makes them come off.

What’s your erotic story?

There are many more different tastes of erotica stories. Different people are simulated by different themes. And erotica has something for everyone. You can always find something of your taste.

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