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7 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Committing To Them

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No matter how much you love and trust your partner, it’s very crucial to have a more in-depth conversation with them despite putting things off the table just because they’re uncomfortable; it may not always be a good idea.

You’re planning your glorious future together, so it’s essential to know a lot about what you’re getting into, and this includes […] awkward things.

Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Committing To Them

1. Questions About How You” ll Communicate

It doesn’t matter how picture-perfect your relationship is; problems, emergencies occur, and that depends on how you guys will communicate and resolve things without getting stressed.

Note: Problems do not come with knocking on the door; they come with no invitation, and with a smiley face, we have to have welcomed them.

Having a deep-down problem-solving conversation at that point is better rather than spending the potential nights on the couch.

Few simple questions must include:

  • How do you prefer to resolve conflict?
  • How should we handle it when the other gets angry?
  • Can we agree not to “fight dirty” when we argue?
  • What is very triggering for you in an argument?
  • How can I avoid doing this?

2. Financial Questions To Ask

Imagine the situation – you’re having a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant. And the time bill comes up; you stare at each other with the same question – Who will pay the bill?

Now that’s something awkward. So, before moving in or committing to your partner, here are a few financial questions on which you both must talk about? This is the point when you have to be honest.

  • Will the rent spill and utilities 50/50?
  • Will both pay the bills and manage finances?
  • Do we have a joint account, or will different bills come out of your accounts?
  • Who will keep the living space if there is a breakup?
  • Will the other partner be expected to help subsidize moving costs if there is a breakup?
  • Will both contribute equally to home expenses like furniture, repairs, and maintenance, or cleaning services.

3. Do I have a separate savings account or “f*CK off fund” if I need to move out?

Other nitty-gritty money chats to have:

  • Do you have student loans?
  • Credit card debt?
  • What is your credit score?
  • How much do you have in savings?
  • What are your financial goals?

These questions are the foundation of your happy marriage and life long relationship. It’s not a must to manage money together and have a joint checking account when you’re “just living together.” But, at a minimum, it’s crucial to know whether your partner is financially stable and ready to pay the debt.

4. Sit together and make a new budget

New livings come up with new arrangements and expenses.

There was a time when one toilet paper lasted for months, but once you live together either, it would last for 15 days or fewer. So, if you both are open, communicate well, then there’s no doubt about creating a new budget list that keeps track of all your expenses. If you’re merging finances, it’s essential to adjust your new costs and spending.

5. Questions about Health Problems

It’s subjective to talk about the mental and physical genetic problems with your better half in advance.

As you are getting more and more severe for each other and have already taken the profound step, it’s vital to know – whether your partner is suffering from any illness or disease.

6. Questions about “Me Time” or “Alone time”?

True, introverts and extroverts make the perfect, beautiful relationship. So, if your partner needs some alone time to recharge or build up, you must respect their decision and give them valuable space for your long-term potential.

First, thing first, don’t feel awkward having this conversation with your partner; it’s healthy and surely avoids disconnection and intense conflict.

7. Question about Non-Negotiable Kinks

It’s never late to understand each other sexual preferences and interests, though you have an entire life to discover or talk about it; yet there are undoubtedly important questions that deserve an early bid.

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