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Five Must-Try Sex Toys To Bring The Spark In A Relationship

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There can be normal gifts for your partner, and then there those special, exotic, and unique gifts for your partner. Adult sex toys are those special gifts that can be enjoyed by the couple. Even if the toy is for one party, the pleasure can be experienced by both.

Expressing themselves through sex, both partners can explore, pleasure, and fulfil each other’s fantasies through these toys. It is perfectly normal to use certain items or stimulators to bring the spice or spark back into a relationship. Sex toys are beneficial for couples as they make sex life quite spicy.

Sticking to one or two positions forever can make it boring. An interesting study also shows that couples that use vibrators communicated more, either on sex or about other topics. Also, the usage of sex toys helps couples in successfully giving directions to each other. Because they have to tell each other where to push and where to press to get the right stimulation. (wink wink!)

These sex toys enable couples to enjoy foreplay more and through different methods. Engaging in foreplay can make sex more interesting, exciting and the total time spent on sexual activities increases. This means all your happy hormones are around boosting your happiness.

Sex toys like vibrators, penis rings, and massage oils can seriously improve the mood while performing. Also, you can see how happy these toys make your partner up close and first hand.

The sex toys that you absolutely must try are:

1. Clitoral stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are mostly for women, and men can use them to give orgasms to women. Make the lady moan and thrash for your cock by using a clit clamp or a clit pump. Clit clamps settle over the tiny nub and put pressure there. This is great if you are using it along with digital penetration during foreplay. There are many clit pumps in the market, especially those that suckle on the clit, almost mimicking oral sex. Get this for your woman so she can pleasure herself, or you can use it on her as you please her with your cock. The extreme pleasure will be very well appreciated. There is even a hands-free clitoral stimulator that lets a woman just sit back and relax.

2. Couple’s vibrator

The couple’s vibrator is a unique sex toy that will please both the man and the woman. A massager made in the wand-style will please the participants well. The sex toy has a rotating handle that can stimulate all sensual spots. Also, it is rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone. It can be used alone or inserted during penetration to stimulate the partner.

3. Egg masturbator

The egg masturbator is made for men and their pleasure. Women can give this to their men and watch them as they writhe in pleasure. The devices will stretch and shrink, give a double cover massage and rub you with the delicate patterns to provide maximum pleasure. All the ladies out there, imagine fondling the man’s balls as his cock is pleasured by the masturbator. It will bring double pleasure to him, and he can repay you in many interesting ways.

4. Remote controlled vibrator

The remote-controlled vibrator is a fun way to enjoy foreplay. You can either get one that comes within panties or get a normal tiny device that a woman can insert into her channel. You can operate the device from afar and get her ready so that by the time you come near her, she is eager and waiting.

5. Vibrating Cock Ring

The vibrating cock ring is for couples that want a little extra while having penetrative sex. This is a thick tube of silicone that stretches to fit any penis and is designed to provide clitoral stimulation during penetration. It’s rechargeable and waterproof with three intensity levels and 17 patterns. Your partner will never get enough of this ring as you have sex with her in any position.

Be it missionary or doggy style, both times, the clitoral stimulator sex toy will be vibrating against sensitive spots, making sex very pleasurable.

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