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13 Naughty Gift Ideas to Blow His Socks Off

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Whether for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or any ordinary day that you feel like surprising him, nothing expresses your affection more than a present he never saw coming.

You can always get him something he needs, and — sure — dress shirts, socks, and ties might make him smile. But if you wish to get his heart pounding, you’d have to be more creative than that.

Opt for out-of-the-box gifts to turn him on and add some spice to your bedroom. A man likes a woman who takes the initiative in bed, and you can best do this with a naughty gift or two. Following are a few gift ideas your man and you—are sure to enjoy.

1. Sex Toy

We’re jumping ahead. Gifting your man an Autoblow X.T. is great because, well, you’re literally giving him pleasure. Sex toys can kick-start his masturbation game, and he’ll thank you for it. Some toys are also great to use with a partner, so you can get one for you both to enjoy.

2. A Surprise—in His Pants

Well, why fiddle around? Take his breath away with a surprise hand job or blow job. I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to return the favor. *wink*

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3. Sexy Lingerie

Something for you to wear, of course—for him! You can take this as an excuse to treat yourself. And a bit of eye candy to turn him on isn’t bad either. 

4. Let Him Live Out A Fantasy

If your man has a secret (sexual) fantasy, you can let him live it out for a moment. It could be from a favorite TV show or movie of which he’s a huge fan. You can dress up as your favorite characters and add a bit of roleplay to your routine to make it more fun. This makes for exciting foreplay!

5. A Naughty To-Do List

You can sit down and together make your sexy bucket list, or you can surprise him with a list you created yourself and see his reaction. List down the things you’d want him to do to you and vice versa. Have fun ticking each off once done.

6. Edible Body Paint

You two can have fun turning each other into works of art. Let your inner artists shine through and relish your masterpiece! Edible body paints come in strawberry and champagne flavors. You can lick it all off once you’re done!

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7. Edible Undies

Food enthusiasts? Get the best of both food and sex with edible undies! You could get a pair each and then race to see who finishes the other’s undies off first. *Wink*

8. An Inappropriate Card

Store-bought or personally handcrafted, you can turn any simple card irreverent and naughty with a sexy message or two. Let your man know how often he pops into your thoughts. Make it suggestive and give it to him when he can’t act on his reaction, like along with his lunch pack for work. Then you’ll be in his thoughts all day and can’t wait to get home to you.

9. Make it Naughty Game Night

A game with a twist is one way to spice up a special night with your man. Adult dare games are a hoot, and you can cut to the naughty part promptly! You can do sexy dares, from lap dances to trying out poses and tricks in bed.

10. Watch Erotic Movies Together

Surprise him with an erotic movie you’ve picked out for movie night. This is a great way to start conversations about your preferences in bed and acting on them.

11. Plan a ‘Sexcation’ With Him

It’s the new trend among couples wishing to reignite their intimacy. You can book a hotel room and surprise your man with an invite to a secret rendezvous. Make sure you’ve got the babysitting taken care of and pack enough lingerie and tricks so you can spend uninterrupted sexy time together.

12. Get a Couples Massage

It’s another way for you to spend quality time together and an excellent way for you to reconnect and bond in a relaxing ambiance. Lying in comfortable silence while being pampered eases tension and lowers your stress levels. It also encourages feelings of affection, and you’ll enjoy more intimacy together after your massage.

13. Get an assortment of tricks and surprises

You and your partner may have different ideas of intimacy, so better be ready. He may be too polite to admit sexy lingerie is not his thing when all he wants is you—naked. So gather up naughty gifts varying in boldness and together discover the kinks which truly excite you both.


Picking out the perfect naughty gift for your man may be easier than you think. Just a little creativity, a dash of boldness, and a little roundabout from what he would normally expect from you can get his heart pumping. So get on with it and blow his socks off.

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