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Is He Into Me, Or Is He Just Being Nice? Signs to Read His Flirty Interest

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Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when he is around you?

Did his presence make you feel good?

Do you always wonder whether he likes you or is just being flirty?

Men tend to behave differently when they are around their girls. They seem to express less their emotions; thus, it’s hard to interpret what they are feeling. They are hesitant because they are afraid of rejection. On the other hand, girls express their emotions clearly when they like a guy.

However, some guys tell it clearly what they feel about the girl they are hanging with, while it is quite difficult for others. It might be possible that he is too shy or scared of getting turned down. 

Are you also dealing with a guy friend who behaves more than a friend but never clearly expresses his feelings? Are you in a dilemma about whether he really likes you or is just being nice? Read this blog to know about the signs so that you can predict what he wants. 

6 Signs to read his flirty interest

It’s really hard to predict the nature of a guy. However, these signs will help you at least figure out your next move. There is a thin line between being nice and flirty which makes it challenging for a woman to determine. Thus you can check out these signs for better understanding:

He treats you like a lady: 


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If the guy behaves like you are his girlfriend when you are out together, such as he pulls out a chair for you, insists on paying the bill, and offers to get things for you. If he does this with everyone, he is chivalrous, but if he does all this only for you, it’s a sign that he is into you.

He finds excuses to touch you:


If a guy is into you, he will be fascinated by your beauty and thus will find excuses to touch you. He will not make it very obvious but will attempt to touch you. For instance, he might hug you when you meet or say goodbyes.

He never talks about any other women:

When a guy is in love with a girl, he will try to make it obvious without clearly stating it to her. He will never talk about any other girl in his life and will constantly let you know through hints that he is only into you.

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He wants to be you:


He tries to make time to spend with you and avoid spending time with his friends. If he chooses to be with you, it’s a clear sign that he is interested in you.

He likes your attention:

couple love

If a guy is into you, he will make attempts to grab your attention. He will dress up nicely just to hear compliments and behave flawlessly around you. He changes his preference as per your choices; then he is putting his best to be liked by you.

He opens up to you:


Guys are mostly less expressive, and thus they never share about their life and family. Even with a female friend, they won’t open up too easily. But if that guy shares about his life, family, and past, then he feels comfortable around you and trusts you. If he does express his childhood, his past, and his parents, then he wants to confide in you. This is a sign that he likes you.

The Bottom line

If you are getting impatient and want to know whether he likes you or not, then you can directly ask him. I know it’s intimidating, but it’s better than all that false assumptions and overthinking. However, if you think it’s too early to ask, then you can look for the above-mentioned signs.

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