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Mindfulness as a Tool For Stress Management and Goal Achievement

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When is the last time you took even just 15 minutes to step away from the hectic pace of your daily life? Do you take time on a regular basis to just sit, breathe, and think about your life and how you want it to be? You should.

Let’s face it; our lives are getting increasingly stressful. We all need time to step away, refresh, renew, and focus just on ourselves. Frankly, though, we have been taught that it is selfish to think about ourselves first. We always are supposed to put others’ needs, wants, and desires before our own.

However, I hold that the best way to make certain that you are productive and satisfied in life is to check in with yourself on a regular basis to identify what you are most passionate about. In order to take care of those around you, you first have to take care of yourself.

As a mindfulness, meditation, and success coach, there are two key pieces of advice that I offer to everyone to ensure a happy, pace-filled life:

How Meditation and Yoga Beat Stress

First, every day—without fail—take time away and alone just for YOU. Even if you have to lock yourself behind a closed door…even if you can spare just 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of daily life…DO IT. Every day.

Use that time to do something that is soul-satisfying and nourishes your inner being. Meditate—ask yourself, What are MY hopes and dreams? MY goals and aspirations? Listen to music you enjoy. Read (NOT for work!). Get out in nature—walk, jog, or run. Work in your garden. Whatever brings you joy and calm. And, while you are doing this, be fully present in that activity. Be mindful and savor every moment of the experience. If you can do these things at the beginning of your day, all the better. You will be ready to take on the world!

Second, end each day by taking a few minutes to reflect on AT LEAST one thing from the day that you are grateful for. Write it down. Writing things down is a powerful tool to help unify your subconscious and conscious minds—to make things “real.” By asking yourself, “what am I grateful for today?” you focus your mind on the positives. This helps you to relax, to sleep better. To wake more rested.

The great thing about mindful meditation is that it doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is your mind and a quiet, peaceful place. It may not feel comfortable at first—it can be scary spending time in silence with our own thoughts. I will admit that even my mind wanders at times when I am meditating. When that happens, don’t give up—simply escort your mind back to the present moment. Maybe 15 minutes is too much at the beginning. Start with 5 minutes. Extend your time little by little. Before you know it, you will discover the beauties of your mind. You will find a place of calm and peace—a place where you CAN achieve clarity about your goals and how to achieve them.

We often hear the adage, “you are when you eat.” In reality, we are what we THINK. Put positive thoughts into your mind, and you will manifest positive results in your life.

It is so simple…yet so powerful. Try it—you’ll like it!!

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Tom Ingrassia
Tom Ingrassia is a mindfulness/meditation/success coach. Award-winning author, radio personality, and Motown historian. He is the founder and president of The MotivAct Group and Tom Ingrassia Productions.

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