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10 Self-care tips for Working Mothers

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Being a mom is a feeling like no other. So many women share accounts of how their lives changed when their children came into their lives. 

However, when you are a working mother, things can be tricky for you, to say the least. And amidst taking care of the household, work, and your kids, you may find that you neglect yourself the most. 

Self-care, therefore, cannot be their first priority. But, with a few tweaks in your busy schedule and slightly more effort, working mothers can take better care of themselves. The family should also aim to help them be healthier, mentally and physically. 

Why is self-care essential for working mothers?

With the COVID-19 pandemic came widespread work-from-home culture. While it helped a lot of people gain better control of their lives, working moms found themselves juggling chores and work even more, as kids were studying at home. Not to forget, keeping their kids safe from the virus was also a major stressor for working mothers. 

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This just led to further neglect of their own health. However, it is not too late. Women can and definitely should invest in more self-care in order to be healthier and fitter. Here are 10 self-care tips for working mothers that will help them achieve this personal goal.

10 self-care tips for working mothers

With these tips, working mothers can find themselves in a much sweeter spot mentally and physically.

1. Get all the help you can.

It is absolutely unnecessary to do everything on your own – the sooner you accept this, the better it will be for you. Get all the help you can, and delegate work. That is your family, and will surely understand your workload. They might not know how to help, so you just have to ask them straight away.

You can ask your siblings to babysit when you need time for yourself, or you can ask your partner to take care of the child while you rest—allowing people to help you will take a lot of load off you. If you think you need it and can afford it, you can also hire an assistant.

2. Compartmentalize between work and personal life.

The work-from-home practice has definitely blurred the lines between work and personal life. It is a 24×7 job for working moms when it comes to finishing their work commitments and then taking care of the kids. However, if you mix the two, you will most likely not be able to focus on either of them. Therefore, it is important to categorize. 

If you have really young kids, you can work during their nap time. If your kids are slightly older, you can work while they attend their classes, and so on. 

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3. Find activities to engage the kids.

Kids have a lot of energy, and while it is a great asset for them, it can be tricky for you to find creative ways to engage it. Finding activities that engage them creatively and productively are crucial to help you find time for self-care. 

Puzzles, board games, walks, runs, cycling, swimming, etc., are some of the activities in which you can engage your kids. This will give you time to engage in self-care activities such as a workout or a spa session. Even better, you can join your kids in outdoor activities such as swimming or cycling.

4. Stick to a sleep cycle.

When we have too much to do, it is our sleep that suffers. We take out the time we have to rest and use it to finish up work and chores. However, a key step for self-care is to create a sleep cycle and stick to it. 

If you have trouble sleeping, you can try guided meditation, which is another self-care aspect in itself. Moreover, if even the slightest of noises wake you up, you can invest in a white noise machine to help you sleep better. You can also try essential oils and teas that help you relax and sleep better.

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5. Pamper yourself.

Even as you are busy working on your job and taking care of your family, do not forget to pamper yourself. Indulge in a grooming session at the salon, fortnightly or monthly. Try to leave all your worries at home and just give yourself some time to relax. You deserve it!

6. Regular visits to a doctor.

There are very few chances of knowing what is happening inside our bodies. Women’s bodies are especially complicated, and as we age, the risk of certain diseases only increases. A crucial self-care trip is to regularly visit or consult a doctor (every three to six months is the recommended period). 

This will help to ensure that you are physically sound. In case of any conditions or diseases, early diagnosis can help in better treatment and recovery.

7. Meal preps.

If you are in charge of the house, you know how important meal prep is. On your off days from work, take out some time to plan the meals, and prepare them in advance. With kids, you always have to be ready with food! With food out of the way, you will feel much more relaxed during the week.

8. Engage in a hobby.

Hobbies are something we do entirely for ourselves. We do not try to gain anything but pleasure from them. Whatever hobby you enjoy – whether it is reading, gardening, walking, running, drawing, or painting, ensure that you make time for it in your schedule. It will help you relax and take better care of yourself.

9. Spend some leisure time with your family.

With work, chores, and so many responsibilities, you may never find some quality time to spend with your family. Just doing something fun with the people you love is an important aspect of self-care. 

Find time on an off day to watch a movie together or just play some games. 

10. Prioritize alone time.

All of us need space and wish to just be alone sometimes. Talk to your family about it, and let them know that you may need to prioritize alone time when things get overwhelming. They are sure to understand and offer all the support you need. 

Bottom line

Taking care of yourself when you have so much on your plate can often feel selfish. It is important to understand the difference between selfishness and self-care. When you take better care of yourself, you can only fulfill the expectations people have from you at work and be a super mom! 

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