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5 Signs It’s Okay To Have Sex On The First Date

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Let’s break the taboo!!

I know. What all you’re thinking, like seriously it’s okay to jump over the bed with a stranger, and that too on the first meet? Yes, M a woman, writing this article to all other women, in which I’m clarifying that it’s outstanding to have sex on the first date.

We all have heard a famous statement on television and radio – Wait till the third date before sleeping with someone new. Like really? Till the third date, duh. According to this statement, if we’re dating someone and would like to take things further, we have to wait until the third date; even his vibe impressed us sexually on the first date. The point here which I want to clear is what are you dating for if you don’t want to get in relationship stuff, and sex is a pretty big deal.

So, if you feel connected on the first date, then having sex on the next move is nothing you should ashame of. You should live that moment, and instead of worrying about what people will say, you should be thinking about to try a new sex position. This is 2020, my dear, if sex is coming “easily” to you, you should be proud of that fact.

The truth is: Sleeping with someone on the first date is not a bad thing. Individuals who get intimated on their first meet are aware that first-date sex is liberating, thrilling, and exciting. Therefore, plenty of couples officially get together after they have done deeds on the first date. Sexing early should not be a barrier, “if couples have the same desire to get physical.”

Word of advice: Before you hop into bed, be clear on what you are looking for. A relationship? Casual sex? With this, you get the idea and be honest about your expectations.

First-date sex is magical!!!

Why is it okay to have sex on the first date?

“Sex is about pleasure, intimacy, and connection.” If two individuals feel connected after a few drinks, then why to sit awkwardly with eyes rolling. If a romantic date ends with sex, you should consider yourself lucky.

Sex is all about knowing your comfort level with another person. Down below are the five reasons why you should jump into bed with a new date.

1. You both feel it, and it just seems right:

Many times we have to go far from our instincts. All I meant is if you both are okay and planning to have sex, then why wait? You felt a strong connection, might be a real feeling, and having sex at those moments is perfect. Sometimes let the wind take over us. Always be safe and understand each other instincts. Don’t deny a beautiful relationship when you can see where it goes.

2. You know this person for a while and finally, get the chance to meet him:

There might be chances you both know each other for a long time and haven’t got the time to meet. But now the time has come, so take advantage of it. Take out some time from your busy schedules and plan a date. You might find that you’re comfortable with that person because of the already established bond. If you saw some familiarity or foundation between two of you, it will lead to a sexy sexual encounter.

3. You” ll keep him coming back for more:

Who says sex on the first date will turn away the guys? Have you met those ones? Guys, love sex. Honestly, if there’s chemistry from guy’s perspective, they will come back. Be confident and enjoy what you’re doing, then they’ll be more inclined to return for seconds. Remember that men are pretty basic when it comes to dating and sex. If they like you, they love you.

4. You want it:

Admittedly, the first date sex is mindblowing. With having sex on the first date, you get to establish a better connection and that too for a long time. Also, if it’s enjoyable, it’ll increase your attraction to one another.

5. You get to have sex:

Sex works as a stress-buster and is majestic for health. Feel no shame about having sex on the first date and satisfying your needs. As long as you’re safe about it, there’s no harm. You’re a consenting adult, don’t feel pressured by such society vague rules, cherish the moment.


Frankly, it doesn’t matter how long you want to take it. If you both enjoy your first sex with each other, then planning for miles is a good idea.

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