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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Only In The Relationship For Money

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This is the age of equality. Men and women walk hand in hand and hold the skills and ability to perform each other’s jobs. When women are flying the fighter jets in the army, why can’t men be gold diggers? Times have changed and the tables have turned. This is the era of male gold diggers. They are everywhere, looking for wealthy prey in bars, clubs, shopping malls, and even restaurants.

Being a financially independent woman, you always run the risk of attracting men that are after you only for your money. They are like leeches that will suck you dry and leave when nothing is left for them. 

If you suspect that your boo is more interested in your checkbook than you, you may want to take a look at the following signs:

1. You are Richie Rich rich

You can be a partner in a law firm, a successful entrepreneur, or simply one of the women who are very good at her job and are well-compensated for their skills; if you are a lady of means, you are a possible sugar mama.

Being a resourceful woman, you need to be extra careful about these gold diggers that are out to prey on women like you.

It’s not just successful women; recent widows and divorcees who have inherited a fortune from their husbands can also become providers.

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2. He often forgets his wallet

He was a perfect gentleman during the initial days of the relationship. He paid for dinner and even insisted on paying for your cab fare, but as time flew by and he started getting to know more about your financial background, he began to often…ahem, forget his wallet. 

Whenever you are out on a date, and the bill comes, he flees away from the scene, making an excuse like, “I need to use the loo.” Or, “I am getting an important call.” All the financial burden has slowly passed on to you. 

3. All eyes are on your bank balance

You are out on a romantic date with your boyfriend having a candlelight dinner. He gazes at you softly from behind the candle and says, “So, where are you planning on investing next?” What a bummer, right? Well, ladies, it’s not just a bummer; it’s a red flag that he is only interested in your money and assets.

If a man has an undying curiosity about your finances and wants to know the smallest financial details like your account balance, your property, and your current expenditures, he is using you. 

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4. He is always in a financial crisis.

“Babe, my friend is in credit card debt. Can you help him?” “Hey, my friend got evicted and didn’t have enough money to book a hotel. He is asking if you could help.” I mean, dude, how many friends do you have? And why are they all broke and always in some problem? 

And I bet that you only hear about these friends when there is some crisis; otherwise, he will never mention them.

Now you may argue that your boyfriend is a very caring man who is always ready to help his friends. If that’s the case, why does all the help have to go through your pocket?

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5. He comes with a price tag 

Your boyfriend always wants to go somewhere nice or fancy for a date. He doesn’t do Netflix and Chill or movie nights. It’s like if you’re going to see him, you have to loosen your pocket a little. His love comes with a price tag.

Or he might offer to take you out shopping. While you are browsing through the ‘casuals’ section, he comes in and drops a ton of stuff for himself in your cart. When you two head to the billing section, he disappears. Technically he took you out shopping, but you end up swiping your credit card. It’s like he is practically living off you, and you end up paying for the high life he cannot afford on his own.

6. He’s a deadbeat.

Now ladies, not all part-time workers or unemployed guys are gold diggers. But you need to learn the difference between a lazy, ambitionless man and a man who just can’t find the right opportunity.

If your guy lays around all day, does no measurable physical or mental work but has an expensive taste and expects you to pay for them, he is a total deadbeat who is out robbing you.

7. You have a gut feeling.

The last and probably most important sign is your gut feeling. You are under his love spell; why and how would you see beyond his charismatic smile? But your conscience knows. It won’t lie to you. If your gut is telling you something is fishy, there is no harm in running a little background check on him.

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