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What Are Some of the Most Common Slip & Fall Injuries

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Slip and fall accidents are unfortunate incidents that can happen to anyone at any time, leaving them in physical and emotional suffering compounded by hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, costs of rehabilitation, and other incidental expenses.

Most of these accidents are a direct consequence of egregious violations of public safety standards. Building code violations are some of the most cited reasons for such accidents, and most slip and fall incidents are easily preventable.

Slip and fall accidents result in injuries that can vary widely from mild superficial lacerations to bone fractures, lasting neurological damage, permanent incapacitation, or even death. These injuries often require extensive medical and surgical treatment, and the more severe an injury, the greater its impact on a victim’s life.

The knowledgeable injury attorney at Salamati Law Firm in California has provided some of the most common slip and fall injuries in Los Angeles.

Superficial Lacerations

Superficial lacerations, including cuts and bruises, are some of the most commonly seen injuries in slip and fall accidents. While recovery from these injuries might be relatively easier, these cuts and bruises pose a serious threat to health if not tended to with urgent medical or surgical wound care. Additionally, they can cause lasting visible scars that contribute to emotional distress.

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Slip and fall accidents commonly cause concussions in individuals who strike their heads on a hard surface during the accident. A concussion is highly dangerous because it represents injury to the brain and the presentation of a concussion can vary greatly depending on the angle of fall, type of surface, and multiple other factors. Concussions may or may not be accompanied by other signs of brain damage, which can be temporary or permanent.

Skull Fractures

Skull fractures are common in slip and fall accidents that occur at odd angles or from a significant height. These fractures can range in severity depending on the area of the skull involved. Almost all skull fractures are associated with internal bleeding in the cranial vault, which can manifest as a hemorrhagic or bleeding stroke depending on the blood vessel injured due to the accident. Recovery from a skull fracture can take up to a year or more and leave a patient with lasting residual neurological damage.

Spinal Cord Damage

Falling on your back or bottom from a height can result in vertebral fractures that can involve the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a vital component of the human central nervous system and depending on the area and severity of damage to the spinal cord, the symptoms and recovery can vary between different cases. Severe spinal cord damage can result in cord transection and physical incapacitation, leaving a person paralyzed for life. Most, if not all, spinal cord injuries result in a person becoming a wheelchair user for the rest of their life.


Lacerations, concussions, skull fractures, long bone fractures, and spinal cord damage are some of the most common types of injuries in Los Angeles as a result of a slip and fall.

If you or your loved one were injured in such an accident and encountered a serious injury, you might be able to sue the negligent party for the compensation of your damages with the help of a competent lawyer who is well-versed in slip and fall lawsuits.

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