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7 Ways To Stay Positive After A Breakup

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The phase after a tough breakup is an extremely painful one. You keep having memories of your time spent with your partner and relive those moments in your mind again. But while breakups can be very hard, there are ways to get over the pain.

If you keep falling deeper into the pit of despair, it’ll be harder to get out. So here are some ways for you to stay positive and relatively happier after a breakup.

1. Don’t make any big decisions

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A disturbed mind often urges you to make rash decisions in haste that you’ll surely regret later.

Getting a spunky haircut after your breakup or painting your room a neon green are still acceptable. But big decisions like getting a permanent tattoo or burning your ex’s things can lead to more misery afterward.

Calm your mind as much as possible and try to think rationally before doing anything. Ask yourself if doing that certain thing is worth it or not in the long run.

2. Unfriend your partner from social media

Go ahead; we’re here to support you. The more you keep looking at your ex’s pictures on Facebook and Instagram, the worse you’ll feel. So unfriend and/or block that person right now. Most people keep stalking their ex obsessively just to check if they are happy after the breakup or not.

Remember, this is not a competition of “who can hurt whom more.” You’re both adults, and your ex might have a different outlet for releasing pain than yours.

Therefore, try to unfriend them from as many social media apps as possible. You really don’t need to know which coffee shop they went to yesterday or who that other guy in the picture was.

3. Exercise

Morning Vs Evening Exercise

Did you know that research shows that people who set aside time for exercising (75%) are much happier than the ones who don’t (25%)? Exercising helps to keep cortisol, the stress hormone, at bay. It also makes you physically and mentally fit, thereby making you lead a stress-free life.

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Exercising releases endorphins or happy hormones so that you lead a positive outlook on life after your breakup.

Also, when we’re talking about exercising, we mean doing push-ups or some cardio, not climbing the pipes of your ex’s house (that’s called stalking)!

4. Connect with friends and family

Oftentimes, our loved ones can lend us tremendous support. When you feel like you need a shoulder to cry on (literally!), they shall always be there for you. Talk to them regularly, let them know how you’re feeling after your breakup, and what they can do to make you feel better.

Every human being needs a bit of emotional and mental connection to live a happy life. We understand that you’ve lost contact with your partner, but there are plenty of others who would do anything to put a smile on your face.

Call up your friends and watch a tearjerker movie with them. Or go out and meet your parents for some quality time.

5. Eat healthy

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Yes, you’ve been eating chicken wings or instant noodles for the past few days because cooking is a lot of effort. We understand you’re in a lot of pain. But your body needs proper nutrients, and this can only happen if your diet is healthy.

A healthy body automatically contributes to a healthy mind and makes you feel better. You’re disturbed mentally already; you don’t need to add to the burden by falling ill.

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So cook some of those veggies and make sure to eat fresh fruits. A cheat day once a week is definitely acceptable, but too much junk will harm you badly.

6. Watch some adult entertainment

It’s absolutely fine to feel a little wild after a breakup. The importance of physical touch is not a lost concept among us humans. That’s why there are target escorts all over Germany.

If you feel frisky yourself, try booking a beautiful woman from an escort agency to make you feel better for a night. Hotels like the Stundenhotel provide adult entertainment and activities.

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Even if you don’t feel like jumping into bed with a woman, you can still get a lap dance or go to a strip club. Don’t worry; all this is regulated and legal in Germany, so there’s nothing much to worry about.

7. Make a comeback

how to stay happy

When we say make a comeback, we don’t mean opening your phone and texting every random woman in your contacts. Instead, think of all the things you were unable to do when you were dating.

For example, if your babe hated going for trips but you always loved it, now’s the time to plan a solo trip. Create a bucket list; go crazy. Utilize this phase to live the life you want to.

Over to you…

While battling a breakup is very tough, it’s not impossible. The important thing is to remember to emerge out stronger and wiser. Follow these seven ways to stay positive, and you shall be able to look forward to a brand new tomorrow.

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