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An Important Element Of Good Sex is “Foreplay”, According to Sexologist Amaury Mendes

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In your bed, the temperature does not cool down: you have discovered a point G together, a point K, and a few other strategic places. You have orgasms that envy your neighbors. But you miss something.

Of course – the final game. Most of the guys have already been made aware that without foreplay, there is no nice sex. It’s probably clear to everyone. In contrast, the “final game” is treated neglectfully.

What do we mean by “the final game”? And cuddles, kisses, lying on a teaspoon, whispering in your ear tenderness – all these nice things that deepen the bond between you right after the great “O.” Sex is not just about the physical discharge of tension. In any case, the sex of loving people. Its most important function is to build a deep bond between you. Therefore, final caresses are just as important as all other sex phases. Scientists support this view.

The studies described in the magazine Archives of Sexual Behaviour examined the relationship between behaviour after sex and the level of satisfaction from relationship and sex. It turned out that long love cuddles after orgasm correlates with greater satisfaction with the relationship.

The study also showed that long-term sexual sensitivity influenced the durability of the relationship. 100% of respondents said that measurements of sexual behaviour very effectively spoil the atmosphere in bed (I’m joking). And what now? Just do not hurry; just insist on your partner not to run away from the bed and sleep, just hugged you. There is no more effective way to relieve stress from the day.

It’s also a good time to whisper about what you like about sex and what else you would like to try.

Tell me honestly

Hugging and whispering in your ear after sex is a special time. Researchers at the University of Connecticut argue that people have more readiness to share positive emotions after orgasm. They also more often talk about essential things then. We owe this, of course, to our old friend oxytocin, the hormone of love, which literally floods the brain after sex.

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This, in turn, increases the feeling of trust and reduces possible social anxiety. This means that people are more likely, to be honest and talk about themselves because they are less afraid of rejection or evaluation. We will not surprise you by saying that the guys are less sensitive to this mood.

Amanda Denes, the author of the research, explains that it has to do with a higher level of Testosterone, which reduces the effect of oxytocin. Feel like cuddling and talking, and your partner is falling asleep? You’re not alone. A study by the University of Michigan and Albright College found that women whose partners fell asleep after sex were more likely to feel generally frustrated by the level of sincerity and intimacy in the relationship. Susan Hughes, the co-author of the study, says that running into sleep can be a subconscious escape from nearness.

In addition to the subconscious, the next culprit is biology. Many men after sex feel like after a lot of physical effort (poor things), and the only thing they want is rest. Okay, maybe it’s better that he goes to the kitchen for a sandwich, come and then – refreshed – will be able to talk. Or at least hug and listen to you.

For some of us, cuddling after sex is just the beginning of the next queue. This is often the case when you have not had an orgasm.

So what happens when he is tired, and you are still full of energy? You know – you feel angry, rejected, and can not fall asleep while he snores calmly. If this happens regularly, there is no strength. You must ensure that at least the foreplay lasts as long as you like. Let it caress your lips until you orgasm because later, you can not wait.

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After all, you’ll be satisfied, and you’ll just hug him, enjoying the warmth of his body. Some also advise you to try other sex pores.

Maybe after the morning number, your partner will be more inclined to the final game. There is only one condition: you have to set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier.

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