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13 Weird Places to Have Sex

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‘Get Your Sexual Adventure Game on!’

Sex in bed can be great, but sometimes you need to kick things up a notch. If you’re ready to add a little oomph to your sexual life, consider making out at one of these offbeat spots. 

1. In the forest. Put the cover down. Or not. Make nature’s playground. Stand with the rocks and use the lush valley grass for cover. Unleash your wild side amongst the wild animals.

couple swing kiss

2. In the laundry room. Go crazy with the washer or dryer and wait for the fireworks in your crotch. As you can imagine, this is a particularly lovely place to bone with the vibrations below.

couple laundry kiss

3. In your childhood room. Doing this in the same place where you studied for an algebra test can be very kinky. (Be sure to cover your stuffed animal’s eyes.)

4. On the pile of money. No, but really. You live only once, and you must make love on the mountain of Benjamins or even Washingtons at least once.  “You will find it dirty, grimy, rich, and powerful.

5. The roof of a luxury hotel. Hang out with your partner in a secret cabana by the pool after closing hours. You’re basically Hugh Hefner. (Like a sexier, younger, sexier Hugh Hefner, but still Hugh Hefner.)

couple kiss

6. On a swing. If you’re interested in acrobatic boning (and you have enough space in your bedroom!), you might consider buying a swing.

couple swing kiss

7. Dressing rooms in the mall. If you think about it, this is the most natural place to have sex. It’s private, and you’re naked. Sex is the next natural step. On top of that, buy yourself a nice new dress for the summer.

8. Front car seats. Yes, the backseat is the OG of ~adventurous~ sex, but why not get a little creative in the front seats? Necessity is the mother of invention and restrictions allow us to place ourselves in a new and exciting position. Hot.

weird places to have sex

9. Football field. You’re Tammy Taylor; he’s Coach Taylor, GO! Friday night light fireworks!

couple park kiss

10. Pool table. Think of it like doing it at your kitchen table, but with the bonus of being dirty and fun.

couple pooltable kiss

11. Work storage room. Are you at work, but you don’t feel like working? It’s hot having sex at the workplace. You’ll get bonus points if you listen to others print legal briefs and the same old boring stuff.

12. On the library stack. It’s perfect for ~naughty~ fantasy: you’re a sexy librarian, and he’s a bad boy who can’t return books on time! Please clean up after yourself. Otherwise, you will be blacklisted by the librarian. And you don’t want to be on that blacklist.

library couple kiss

13. Get on the boat. You will be having sex on the water! You are fundamentally magical. (This works on both big flashy yachts and grungy little boats, both of which have advantages!)

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