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What Mind Games Does A Guy Play When He Wants to Leave You?

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The men who complain that women play mind games are the men who do the same. Usually, insecure men play mind games with women because they want to take control over them.

Men playing mind games in a relationship can be irritating. Also, these men who play mind games can make you feel loved and cared for at one moment, and at other moments they act completely uninterested in you. This can also be frustrating to handle. 

However, if you are in deep love with your partner, it becomes difficult to understand and interpret the mind games he is playing with you. 

But have you ever wondered why men want to control the thinking of women?

Men are usually very clear about what they feel for someone. But if your man has put you in a situation where he keeps hanging with you without any reason and never talks about it either, then here are the signs that he is playing mind games with you:

Hot and cold behavior: 

In a relationship, when you both text each other constantly, he abruptly disappears and cuts all contact with you without any reason. You get worried, and after days of no contact, he reappears with an absurd reason. This type of behavior is called hot and cold. It is one of the clear signs of mind games he is playing with you.

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Not good as his words: 

When he promises to do something with you, but at the end moment, he backs out. For instance, he plans a date out, and you reach the location, but he never turns up. When you ask the reason, he says something that doesn’t sound good to you. This is the sign that he wants to keep you hanging for him.

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Comments on your looks: 

When the man you are seeing says something like you should put on more makeup to look attractive or you should lose some weight to get into better shape. Or he says you should change your dress or hairstyle because you don’t look attractive. This happens when a man feels you are too good for him and tries to superimpose himself on you. He tries to kill your self-confidence and make you feel that you are not much attractive. This is a trick to dominate you in the relationship. 

Ghosts you several times: 

When this guy you are dating makes plans and never turns up. When he ghosts you for no reason, after some time, he appears with an apology and fake promises. 

Toys with your emotions: 

When you both are together, he often asks you how you feel about him but never expresses his feelings towards you. He might change the topic when you ask the same question. Such men try to play with the women’s emotions and make them important in their life but never give them that needed importance.

Wrap up

Being in a relationship where your partner is playing mind games with you won’t serve you anything. So if you notice any such signs in your man, walk out of the relationship immediately.

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