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Boosting Women’s Confidence Through 5 Simple Tricks

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In the age of women’s empowerment, it seems like a crime to show weakness, but we all feel down sometimes, and our self-confidence may not always be at its best. We keep hearing how first impressions are essential both in corporate environments and in our private lives.

Still, making a positive first impression is impossible if we’re struggling with our self-image. In the spirit of the 8th of March, we give you some practical tips and tricks on how you can boost your confidence!

Get A Makeover

It’s the oldest trick in the book! Any change can have a positive effect on our psyche, and, as corny as it sounds, changing your hairstyle can change your life.

It can be as simple as getting a haircut, or you can invest a bit more into yourself and try that treatment you’ve been eyeing. 

Many people claim that, after getting their brows microblade, their confidence went through the roof. Since we keep seeing fabulous, thick eyebrows on celebrities and magazine covers, of course, it’s pleasant seeing them in the mirror, too. Just make sure you pick a certified, properly trained artist, like those who’ve had micro blading training by certified artists. 

Physical Imperfections – If You Can’t Accept Them, Cosmetically Tattoo Them!

Scarring, discoloration, hair loss, and similar types of physical imperfections can appear as a result of a number of conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions are out of our hands, but some of the consequences that can be detrimental to self-image can be camouflaged.

Micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, has been used very successfully in camouflaging a number of skin conditions and scars, or even as part of breast reconstruction surgery for cancer patients in the form of hyperrealistic nipple tattoos. This way, they can be at least a bit more comfortable in their skin.

Strike a Pose

Believe it or not, the brain can be tricked! It’s a well-known psychological fact that if you fake a smile long enough, the body starts releasing dopamine and serotonin, happiness hormones. Along these lines, if you portray yourself as super-confident by paying attention to your body language (don’t slouch!) and facial expressions, eventually you’ll persuade yourself you’re on top of the world, and your negative thoughts will cease.

Visualization Method

Whenever we’re faced with a challenge, whether it’s an important project pitch or taking an exam, sometimes panic takes over, and we are faced with self-doubt. In those cases, it could be very useful to use the visualization method – imagine yourself succeeding in as much detail as possible. Visualizing your goal stimulates the brain and generates impulses that tell our neurons to perform the actions. It increases motivation and makes you focus on the goal rather than the current situation, which you may find unpleasant. 

Master Smalltalk

Socialization can be a source of discomfort, especially if your confidence is low. Unfortunately, in business, we often find ourselves in situations where we have to make conversation out of courtesy with people with who we have nothing in common or total strangers. So it’s useful if you have a go-to anecdote or two to resort to in these awkward situations. Try to think of one work-related story and one life-related one you wouldn’t mind telling a total stranger. So next time the conversation stops flowing, you’ll have some aces up your sleeve!

To Conclude

If you’re struggling with confidence, it’s important to first identify the cause, whether it’s physical or psychological. In either case, don’t worry, there are many little tricks you can use to gradually build confidence, just remember not to be too hard on yourself!

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