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Put Down Your Phone, Leave Him Alone

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Detox is good.  Some would say detox is necessary. It’s vital to the balance in our lives.  Also, let’s be honest: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Yes, especially when it comes to contacting that one person that you want to pay attention to. Here are some reasons why you should not always be the one who texts first:

1. It establishes boundaries

Making a choice to not text first establishes boundaries and not just any boundaries, but it establishes healthy boundaries. It is unhealthy for anyone to be in constant contact with anyone…ever.  That goes for friends, family, and especially your romantic relationships. While communication is vital for any relationship to thrive and grow, it becomes toxic when someone is demanding your attention 24/7.  It becomes toxic when you are glued to your phone and constantly checking your messages, waiting for someone to text you back. So, let it go. Breathe the fresh air. Establish your boundaries. 

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2. Individuality

At the end of the day, you are an individual, a wonderful being with your own personality, interests, and talents.  An individual knows that they do not have to be in constant communication with someone to know that they are wanted. Why? Because an individual is comfortable with themselves and not only that, they are confident with being by themselves. Find comfort in your solitude and give your phone some alone time.

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3. You actually seem like you have a life

Do you know what’s really attractive? Being well rounded, having interests, goals, and hobbies…oh, and having a life outside a man (duh).  Once you put down your phone and start focusing on yourself, you won’t be so concerned about whether or not he texts back. Also, it’s not all about him. This is your life! So go to the gym, read a book, buy yourself something nice, and thrive.

4. You know where they stand

When you stop texting someone, something magical happens.  You know where the guy that you are texting stands. If he texts you back saying ‘Hey, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while,’ then he’s interested. If he stays silent, then leave him be.  Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it trying to hit up a man that’s not interested. Move on, boo. 

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5. You are a prize

Lastly, you are the prize!  You are beautiful inside and out and you should not have to be bending over backward for anyone. You are worthy and deserve nothing but the best.  That includes someone taking the time out to pursue you! Give the man time to chase you, and chances are if he’s interested then he will. So pour yourself a glass of wine, put down your phone, and leave him alone.

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Abby Trapp
Abby is a published author, writer, and former journalist. She enjoys people who mind their own business and black coffee.

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