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What Are The Ways To Pull Back In a Relationship When You’re Giving It Too Much

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Every relationship asks for time and understanding. Grow and nurture at a different pace. But, once the relationship accelerates at a striking speed, all we wish, is to hold ourselves for some time and give the relationship a second thought.

Perhaps, you are giving too much of your efforts in the relationship and just wanted to pull yourself back to gain your perspective in the life.

Understanding how to pull back in a relationship is not an easy and simple task, especially if you have just come into a relationship.

This guide will help you with tips about how to pull back in a relationship when you are giving it way too much. 

Have you ever wondered why we always rush for good things in life? 

The time we receive a message on our phone – “Your parcel is out for delivery”, our heart starts beating at a fast rate. The same goes with the “relationship-thing“.

Everybody wants their first date night, turn into a healthy relationship overnight- something straight away from the magical tales just bliss this relationship.

In the beginning, we want things to be enraging, but now, we wish to slow down them. As far as the studies have been conducted about relationships, one proven favorite theory is the theory of equality.

When the couples start spending most of their time with each other, they get much comfortable with each other’s presence, so at times when their significant other is not around, they become cringe – this is the first reason that asks one to pull back things in a relationship. The second is when one individual is not getting their fair share, not getting the desired love which he/she is putting in that relationship. If you find you give more than you receive, then it’s time to pull back the things in a relationship.

Equality is significant to make the relationship last longer. If one person lacks love and care, they won’t give a second thought to pull off the things. After all, both people need air to breathe. But, ignoring what your heart tells you by pulling your emotions back is usually easier said than done.

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How to pull things back in the relationship?

“Find YOURSELF” is essential in a relationship if you both want things to grow in a relationship. After all, a relationship is an addition to YOU, not the definition of you.

So, when in one, always maintain a good sense of self and not get lost in the mix. Distancing yourself, although sounding hard and somewhat foreign, can sometimes be the catalyst not only to save your relationship but also to save you.

1. Call your partner in crime:

We all have that one friend whose number is always on our speed dial. Call your partner in crime friend and flush out all the shitty things which are running in your mind related to the relationship. And, this is the best way to pull the things back in the relationship for a specific time; doing this will give time to you to figure out the things. Try to discover is what really you want from your relationship and does the presence of your partner matter for your happiness? 

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2. Just stay busy: 

Sometimes, distracting yourself from the tasks which you are continuously doing is one way to find yourself. Move over from the anxious thoughts and stop obsessing about your relationship. Nobody is going to replace your position in your partner’s life – understand this. Let the things calm for a while and then catch up again with an all-new version of yourself.

3. Listen to what your mind says, not heart: 

One of the hardest things to do is to take the emotion out of something. But, if you really want to pull back things in a relationship and that too for the good-sake of each other, then separate emotions. Instead of chasing them when they blow you off, blow them off right back.

Never get back to your partner with a sense of desperation, and before taking any action, ask yourself what you want to happen, and how will you deal with the situation if something gets wrong? If there wasn’t so much emotion and history wrapped up, would you like to get treated the same way you’re behaving towards your partner? Talk through your actions in your head and ask your heart to take a back seat for a while.

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4. Focus on your goals and dreams:

Set some goals. Focus on your visions. Invest your energy and mind at positive places from where you may expect to get a good return. 

Taking a break and pulling the things back in the relationship that creates anxiety for both of you, instead find something crisp to throw all that meaningful energy into. If you are determined to meet your dreams, then whatever goes into your relationship, nobody can take the prize away from you. 

5. Hold on and let your partner come to you:

Sometimes evoking your crazy thoughts and wandering here and there chasing them for answers is not going to give you mental peace. Sit back, draw a line, and read some inspiration novels – and that’s how mindful people pull things back in a relationship. 

Distance yourself for the time being and set some boundaries for yourself. Let them pursue you for once while you focus on staying strong. 

6. Stop stalking them on social media:

Well, yes, it sounds weird, but it really helps. Stop stalking your partner on social media for a while. Take a break from everything you were doing. Say no to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. If you really want to pull things back into your relationship, you must need to disconnect this social media plugin. 

The next time you meet them, be the person you were before you met them:

It’s a strange tendency among us, that we lose ourselves when we get into a relationship. For a time, we just forget who we were used to being and becoming a totally different person. 

Either the circumstances change us, or the situation becomes so difficult that we just forget us. Try to remember the person you were before the relationship before your better half entered in your life. You might have to pull back the things to get your answers. But it will be good for both of you. 

Wrapping up!

Losing yourself in a relationship is not a healthy thing. If you see things are not working between the two of you and the way you want it to be, letting it go is the best gift you can give yourself. 

Sometimes, we become obsessed, and we aren’t able to see the bright future right-away standing on the door because we bind ourselves so much in the relationship that we forget who we were. 

But, it’s time to figure out the things. Take a step back and distance yourself. 

Follow these guide steps for how to pull back in a relationship and help both you and your partner.

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