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10 Body Language Signs that She is Interested in You

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In my last article, I wrote about ten body language signs that a guy is interested in you. In this article, I will write about us women, some signs are the same, but others are exceptions.

As I mentioned in the last article, body language is 50-80% of communication that takes place on a date. We send specific messages with our body language, but usually unconsciously.

My clients often struggle at the dating market due to mixed text messages that accompany them after dating. My clients tell me that they are using a lot of time and energy, reading into messages, the length of messages, the time between messages &, etc.

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I hope that reading into body language will make life easier for not only my clients but also the rest of you struggling in the dating market.

Here are 10 body language signs that she is interested in you:

1. Big smile

If you’re on a date and she’s smiling a lot, that’s a positive sign. Then I’m talking about this big sincere smile like she is smiling with her whole face.

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2. Eye contact

If the woman shows good eye contact, it is a good sign, also if she looks away from time to time during the eye contact. This is because she unconsciously does not want to show her interest right away.

3. Tilts her head

It is considered a positive sign if the woman tilts her head while having a conversation. It means that she is sincerely interested in you and in what you have to say.

4. Fixing herself

If the woman is playing with her hair or fixing it, fixing her make-up or clothes, it is very positive and indicates that she wants to look nice to you.

5. Physical contact

Suppose the woman is taking the initiative for physical touch. This is a pretty obvious sign that she finds you attractive. If the contact is evident and intense, it indicates that she is very interested.

6. Responds by touch

You can test this quickly with a light touch. If she responds with touch, she is most likely interested in you in a romantic way.

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7. Dilated pupils

This sign is very interesting and has been researched. The pupils respond to light and react to strong emotions like fear, sadness, and attraction. If you notice this with your date, it is because she finds you attractive. However, this can be difficult to see. One would probably have to go far into the person’s personal space to check that further.

8. Blushing

This one is hard to hide or even prevent. When we are attracted to a person, the heart beats faster, and the effect of adrenaline on the nervous system causes the blood vessels to dilate. Plus, veins in the face also dilate, causing us to blush.

9. Proximity

If you notice that the woman is moving closer to you or leaning towards you to be closer to you, that is considered a good sign.

10. Shyness

This one is a little harder to read into. Either the woman may be timid when you first meet because she is interested, or she will become shy all of a sudden over time. If she suddenly becomes shy even though you have met her several times, it can be because she is developing feelings for you.

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Kristin Thorisdottir
Kristin Thorisdottir is a psychologist & health coach. Working mostly with depression, anxiety & stress through online therapy, worldwide.

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