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13 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You, How Many Do You Notice

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You met someone; you fall for them, but you are not sure if they too feel the same. Don’t worry! We are here to help and tell you the truth about those mysterious people and the psychology behind them. 

So, let’s get started! 

One of the most frustrating things people experience in a relationship is whether another person also likes them or spending time for goodness’ sake. If this question is popping up in your mind, then chances are you’re not familiar with those psychological signs. And that’s the reason you are here reading this article.  

When you meet someone, you naturally get the feeling from inside to know them more. You become attentive when that person is around; you listen to them carefully and do such crazy activities to make them happy. Even if you take your small dates seriously and look for that potential clue telling you they like you or not.

Soon you start overthinking, and silly questions like – What if they don’t feel the same about me? What can I do to make them feel better? How can I make things go better between us and so on? The problem is you are far away from the truth of the real intentions.

How to decode the subtle Psychological signs someone likes you:

If you want to know if he/she is digging you as much as you are boring, it’s time to get medical.

Psychological signs are the things that you can’t help. You do these things instinctively without trying. These are instincts, and you can’t avoid them happening in certain situations.

For example: if something scares you, you probably wish not to do that. Your mind reacts in an automatically set way, your hands shake, you become nervous, and your heart will race… And that’s your survival mechanism. Someone can say the same for attraction. When we like something or someone, we automatically show Psychological signs of attraction.

13 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

1. The way they touch:

Touching intentionally and accidentally are two different things. When you like someone, and you want to make a relationship with them, you feel them deliberately, but if you are not interested in any kind of relation apart from friendship, that’s an accidental touch. The way you touch people means a lot. And when you touch someone you like intentionally, you feel their skin on yours and, in that way, be way closer to you.

2. They smile a lot around you:

A constant smile is a kind gesture. One of the most significant psychological signs is when someone likes you; they try to make you laugh. They will do anything to make you happy and keep you at their priority. When you are around them, they always keep smiling. So, if your boy/girl shows you this psychological sign, that means they want to spend the rest of their life with you.

3. Their eyes become bigger:

Has it ever happened to you? You met someone, and you caught them looking at you with their eyes wide open? Well, when we find someone attractive, our pupils get dilated, and our eyes become wider to see things better- according to psychologists. That is a healthy way to get to know the person better, and we all do unconsciously. So, the next time if your girl/boy is looking at you with an open mouth and wide eyes, it’s a clear sign they like you.

4. Their body leans towards you:

Body language says a lot about human behavior. We often lean towards the things we like, and it’s a clear sign it attracts us or wants that thing to stay with us together. So, if on your first date, if the boy/girl is leaning towards you and showing interest in your talks, that’s the adorable sign they like you.

5. They make intense eye contact:

Eye contact is a definite sign of attraction. If you see someone looking at you, without blinking their eyes or making intense eye contact, that means that person likes you. According to researchers, when a person finds something attractive, they keep looking at them, no matter how awkward the situation becomes, they won’t stop doing it.

6. Their cheeks blushed:

When someone likes you, your presence means a lot to them. Either they feel shy to say, but their face says it all. Their cheeks become pink, and it’s a subtle sign they like you. So, if you see a girl/boy acting like this, and feel shy to express their feelings, but you can see on their face, so be polite and don’t offend them. And, if you too like them, go ahead and enjoy your love trip.

7. They are clumsy near you:

You remember those romantic scenes from the movie when a boy/girl is near their love becomes a little weird. That’s a strange feeling, which only happens when you feel for that person from the heart. You feel too shy to say and have no guts to express, but being around them makes you happy.

8. They stumble over their words:

If you see someone stumbling over their words around you, but rarely have such an issue, then it’s a clear sign that person is so into you. Thus, the most important thing you can do is not laugh at them when they are tripping, help them so they can see that you care about them.

9. They jiggle a lot:

The one most natural way to catch someone if they like you or have feelings is fidgeting. It can pull off sleeves, mess with hairs, touching their neck and tugging on their lip. Basically, these things happen when your love is around you, and fidgeting can be of any type.

10. They have a healthy posture:

When your loved one is around, you try to look good; you carry yourself so nicely and give much focus to your posture. You stand tall in a way to impress them with your fit & healthy body. A woman does it to exude confidence.

11. They try to be friends first:

A happy relationship begins with friendship. Never try to jump directly into a romantic relationship rather than be friends first. Give time to get to know each other and then slowly develop a sweet relationship. That is the best way to carry out a relationship; with this, you both get to know each other and also feel comfortable.

12. They show up at those places where are you:

A person who loves you will never miss an opportunity to be with you. Wherever you go, they will find an excuse to come here. They want to be close to you and willing to show how much they care for you. So, if the person is showing you up to those places which they have never visited, you can bet it is because of you.

14. They are instinctively protective over you:

Exhibiting protective behavior is a good sign. The person whom we care about the most, we protect them, is another stable sign that someone likes you. It could be verbally, either when you are around them or stepping into a fight.

Hence, these are visible Psychological signs that someone likes you. So, the next time when you are around that clumsy person, see how many you can tick off the list. 

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