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How To Isolate And Unwind During The Weekend

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After the hustles and bustles of everyday life, one deserves to succumb to a nice weekend slumber. But if you’re up to something special, why not try to isolate yourself from the world for an ultimate unwinding experience?

Such quality time-off recharges your weary spirit, so you can go back to deal with life’s issues at full strength and focus. When you finally think about this, grab a calendar and be ready to endorse the leftover deliverables to your colleagues. 

Loosening up shouldn’t take a while. A day of blissful peace is all you need. Save the vacation for something else and make wise use of your weekend by chilling out.

However, don’t let this temporary escape feed the reason for your daily struggles at work. We suggest practical moments of mental calm without the need to break the bank. Here are some excellent but frugal unwinding recommendations.

Embrace Nostalgia

Slow down and pay a visit to the good ol’ memories. 

While we don’t propose that you go to the basement to dig up some vintage dirt, it’s great to have a catalyst that creates the formula to take you down memory lane.

You can prepare your living area a week before this ultimate rest day. Polish the old turntable or replace broken turntable accessories with new ones and collect your parent’s vinyl records, which they used to play. 

Don’t forget the picture albums and your beloved magazines. Have them ready and neatly organized near the couch, so when the day comes, they’re already there for your enjoyment.

Come your ultimate day to unwind, notify your close friends and family of your temporary unavailability before turning your phone off. Seal the laptop away and surround yourself with all the nostalgic stuff.

Feel the extreme longing as you slowly put the record player’s tonearm down to kiss the vinyl disc. Sit conveniently on the couch, turn the pages of a worn album, and take a sip of grandma’s favorite tea.

An Aromatic Bath

Depending on the climate, you may begin the weekend with a cold or hot bath. Prepare the rose petals, the scented candles, and things you might like doing while soaked in the tub.

A bathtub caddy holding a homemade charcuterie and a bottle of red wine are excellent accompaniments. Plan how long you will immerse yourself in the water and the things you will do. It’s a good time to watch Netflix, though you might want to turn off your phone’s notifications while enjoying this “me time.”

To enhance the aromatics, set up the essential oil diffuser in the bath area. You may also arrange it in your room, couch, or wherever you want to stay after taking a bath.

It would be more relaxing to infuse a soothing music background. It doesn’t have to be on a turntable. Just make sure that the playlist guarantees comforting calmness.

Get Some Air

Find the nearest garden or seaside with a captivating view if you live in the metro. But if you are only an hour’s drive from a lake or hill, the only worry would be the things you need to bring on this trip. List down all essentials depending on what you want to do. Should you fish, or do you want to lay down the grassy fields and feel the breeze all day?

Search for a safe and secluded spot. You may set up your tent or mat under the shade of a tall tree or a few steps away from the pond. Don’t forget a book, your crochet kit, or anything you might want to do while spending this quiet time for yourself.

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For the city dwellers, take refuge in landscaped areas like the Shakespeare Garden. Though people visit the place often, you can easily find a cool space for yourself. If you want a more private location, some rooftop gardens in the metro may serve as your temporary sanctuary.

Visit Your Old Folks

Reserve the weekend to meet and bond with your grandparents or any old friend or relative from a rural place. Drive on a Friday night after your shift, so you’ll have the whole Saturday to spend with your loved ones. Before that, ask if you can spend a night in their place to have another day for yourself.

The next day, go out alone into the woods and check the old cabin where your family used to take shelter when it unexpectedly rains. It’s that nostalgic indulgence you deserve occasionally. 

Feed your soul with a nice yoga session as you enjoy this time alone, away from the noisy city. This place is where you can escape your urban worries as you let out the bad air and take in the fresh air of nature. 

Stay In A Friend’s Posh Place

Do you know some friends who’ll let you borrow their fancy space for free or at a discounted price? Instead of renting a whole villa to yourself or owing to the credit card company for an opulent suite, a buddy’s luxurious unit you can get for a low amount or in-kind would be a more practical choice.

Inform your friend of things you will do and clean up before you go. Don’t move anything or conduct messy activities so it won’t be hard for you to tidy the room. If the property has a pool, that should be enough to accommodate your relaxation.

Before you check-in, buy all necessary goods—order restaurant food instead of cooking so you’ll have more time doing something else. Don’t forget a bottle of wine, fruits, sweets, and some deli for your charcuterie night.


Isolation and relaxation don’t have to be expensive. Be prudent with your choices, so you won’t have that guilt or worry at the back of your mind if you decide to go for something lavish. A nostalgic trip or a delightful shower should be enough to revive your exhausted persona so you can positively face another week or month of life’s challenges.

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