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Want to look classy? Here are the 7 rules every woman should live by

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Every woman wants to look presentable and graceful. It’s a misconception that elegant means to look expensive; however, classy means to look polished and act nicely. 

Classy is a mindset that doesn’t depend on age, color, sex, religion, race, or marital status. It also does not depend on how much money you have; it depends on how you present yourself to the outer world and people around you through attire, behavior, gesture, and action. To inculcate classy behavior, you must take extra care and pay attention to detail. 

No matter your age group, you can choose to look classy. Here are a few tips or rules that can build a solid foundation for making you look classy daily.

Be punctual

If you want people to respect your time, you must respect theirs. Punctuality is one of the most important elements of classy behavior. A classy woman never gets late or loses track of time. She reaches everywhere on time, whether it’s an official appointment or a casual date. She respects and values other people’s time and thus is always conscious about the clock ticking.

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Show Respect Always

Respect is another important element to inculcate to look classy. A classy woman shows respect towards everyone regardless of their status, caste, creed, gender, age, or religion. She remains calm and courteous towards others rather than resenting her opponents when she loses a competition. 

Doesn’t Seek Validation from Others

A classy woman knows her worth and doesn’t seek validation from others. She never tries to please or impress people for compliments, does things her way, and never bothers what other people think about her. Seeking validation means being dependent on others which doesn’t suit a classy woman’s personality. They are independent and do what she wants regardless of anyone’s opinion.

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Speak Thoughtfully

A classy woman knows when to speak. She waits for the right time and her turn to speak rather than blurting out. As a result, they never misbehave with someone or argue. A classy woman takes her time to think about the situation before uttering a word. She lets the other person present their perspective before making her statement. 

Dresses in Timeless Attire

Classy women focus on themselves and always try to look their best. She wears timeless and polished clothing and chooses to dress up according to the occasion. Neutral shades look elegant and sophisticated all the time and can make you look classy. Also, the right choice of fiber like cotton, wool, silk, or linen is perfect as they are comfortable, high-quality, and look beautiful on the body. 

Maintains Personal Hygiene

The outer appearance is not just enough to look classy. A classy woman always maintains her hygiene. She is always well-groomed, her nails are of perfect length, their hair is always set, and they always smell lovely. 

Maintains Physical & Mental Health

A classy woman believes in living a balanced life. She knows the importance of physical and mental health and thus regularly checks on it. She eats healthy, hydrates, sleeps on time, and keeps herself physically active. Her good habits give her a natural glow; thus, she can always pull off a classy attitude.

Wrap up!

It’s not that hard to look classy; however, you must put in serious effort. Following the rules mentioned above can elevate you among the crowd. 

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