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How To Stay Classy Always: 5 Hacks You Must Know

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We’ve all seen that person who exudes class, confidence, and effortless style that seems like they can do no wrong with their fashion and the way they carry themselves. But how do they manage to stay classy….always? No matter the situation or what they’re doing, how do they maintain their classiness? Is it something they’re born with, or can anyone have a classy style?

The simple answer is that anyone can have a classy and sophisticated style once you establish certain standards for your personal grooming, wardrobe, and behavior. “Classy” is defined as:  

a word used to describe people, places or things, that have a lot of “class.”  But a classy person isn’t just someone who wears expensive clothes. Classy can also refer to someone who puts a high standard on the way he behaves.”

Since, by definition, the word embodies more than just the way we dress or are groomed. We have to consider our behavior when being classy as well, so let’s start there. 

1. Behavior

By far, the element that may be the most difficult to change when establishing your classy persona. A Classy personality is refined; it’s confident, it’s not rude but graceful. It’s mature in situations where it may be easier to let your emotions or anger get the best of you. 

Having a “classy” disposition isn’t always easy because it often requires taking the high road. Now that doesn’t mean that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of or walked all over. But it does mean that you employ tact when responding to people and situations so that you maintain control of your emotions and potentially the situation. 

One piece of advice that I always give my clients to help them is to remember that remaining in a state of peace is about you, not the person trying to push your buttons—understanding that when people try to provoke us, it often has nothing to do with us. Recognizing that behavior in the situations you find yourself in is the first start to owning that classy disposition. When that doesn’t work, don’t forget that you don’t have to remain in a situation where you are being treated poorly and may result in you losing your grace. Simply walk away—one of the classiest things you can do without saying a word. 

2. Personal Grooming

The next step in always presenting your class is your personal grooming habits. This is actually easier said than done because it requires you to establish a workable routine that suits both your lifestyle and your specific features. 

You’ll need to invest time in getting a great haircut that you can manage on a daily basis-which requires you to understand your hair, and its specific needs. This also requires trial and error for some, so be patient while discovering your perfect hair routine. 

It also requires taking care of your skin, teeth, and body on a regular basis. Now, in the beginning, if you don’t already have an established routine finding the perfect trifecta can be tricky, but there are some tips you can do to help you figure out what works best for you. 

One thing I recommend to my clients is to find a notable person that has similar hair to you. How do they groom and style it? What products do they use? If your wallet can’t afford some of the high-end products they use, don’t fret! There is almost always a list of: ‘Best Drugstore Hair Care Items’, in beauty magazines. You can also do a little research and see what ingredients make that product so effective and try to find a lesser expensive product that has those ingredients too. 

For skincare, having an understanding of what your skin’s natural tendencies are is key. Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? You’ll first need to figure out where you’re starting to establish a routine that works for your skin’s specific needs. Once you figure out what your specific skin type is and what it needs, finding products to create your customized routine becomes so much easier, and similar to the research we did with the hair care products, you can do the same thing for your skincare routine. Don’t overlook the skin on your body! Taking care of your skin, in general, presents a well-groomed, classy appearance and really does make a difference. 

For men, taking care of your skin is important, especially because of how often you may be shaving. If you have facial hair, keeping it tapered and well kept is paramount in presenting as classy. 

NIC TIP: most skincare experts recommend a twice per day routine, morning and night. There are products you’ll use just in the morning, some you’ll use only at night, and some you’ll use both morning and night. Focus on quality products that have effective ingredients, and remember you can use the internet to research anything. So when in doubt, use the internet to hone in on what you don’t yet know about the products you think you want to use or a specific beauty technique. 

3. Wardrobe

Now that your behavior and personal grooming are established, and you have direction on what to do to help start a routine that will exude classiness always, the last thing we need to discuss is your wardrobe; it’s the cherry on top, so to speak. 

It will be fundamentally easier to present a classy image when your personal grooming and behavior are in sync with the persona you wish to project. Putting classy clothes on a well-groomed body is actually easy; you just need to find the clothes that suit the image you’re projecting. Classy clothes are more about how well they fit and the style choice for your body than it is the specific garment you choose. 

4. Well Tailored Clothes 

Clothes that fit your frame properly will always present a more flattering, classy look. Understanding your body type, what flatters your best features, and how to camouflage your least favorite features is a great place to start with building a classy wardrobe. 

NIC TIP: The best advice I could give here is to try your clothes on; both new garments you’re buying and any existing pieces you have in your wardrobe. Donate the article of clothes you have that no longer suit the lifestyle you want. Once you’ve cleaned out your closet with what you don’t need and doesn’t fit you the way it should, now add new pieces that will aid in presenting that classy look. 

Focus on pieces that are timeless. It’ll be easier to build around a classic style that, no matter the year or decade, will always be in style. Ensuring that the fit is perfect for your body is a great way to ensure that it will stand the test of time. When in doubt, you can ask the salesperson at the store for help in how the item should fit, and if you can, you can always hire a professional stylist/image consultant to help…. they’re actually more affordable than you may think. 

NIC TIP: If you’re younger or want to present a more contemporary classy look, buy classic styles and accessorize with more trendy items. So perhaps it’s a bold necklace with a classic cashmere sweater and slacks. Maybe it’s a traditional blouse and skirt, with fun shoes. Classy doesn’t mean boring. When in doubt, look to a person whose style of dress you admire, and see what tips you can pick up from them. How do they style their look? What colors do they wear? What about their style do you admire? How can you make it work for you? 

5. Style Choice 

The garments you choose have more to do with your lifestyle than what you like. If you’re a CEO of a bank, choosing ripped jeans (for work) may not make sense for what you do. So it’s important that you put some thought into what you need and the end-use of the garments you’ll be buying. You can even create a list of what you need and take it with you when you go shopping so that you have clarity and stay focused. 

This clarity will make it easier for you to stay on task when you’re out and about or shopping online for your new classy pieces, especially since you’ve cleaned out your closet and now know what you got rid of and what you need to round out your wardrobe. Understanding your body is helpful here, too, in choosing styles that will make you look classy always. 

Creating a classy image that will always work for you will take some time. But with patience and having a clear direction, it can actually be fun. Once you find the routines and things that work for you, maintaining it and evolving it will be much easier. 

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Nic Hyl
Fashion Designer & Lifestyle Expert

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