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Best Drinks and Fruits to have Before and After the Workout

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Healthy eating is a must when working out, whether before to have energy during the workout or after to regain the energy you lost, among other must-haves for your body.  

Best drinks to have before a workout:

  • Even if it may seem like a bad idea, drinking coffee an hour before your workout has actually proven to be quite helpful in your workouts; however, before you get excited, Starbucks drinks don’t count since they don’t have much caffeine in them. 
  • Also, a surprisingly good drink for workouts: Green tea; not only does it have caffeine in it as well, but it helps with weight loss. Drink some before your workout, and you might see some improvement in your cardio workouts. 
  • Last but definitely not least, the obvious choice, water. Water has countless benefits for the human body, and it will help you remain hydrated during your workout. To be fair, water is a good choice before, after, and during your workout, or any other time of day for that matter!

Best drinks to have after a workout

  • Coconut water, although it may not be the ideal drink for a harsh workout, can help with lighter workouts. It has the same amount of electrolytes as sports drinks and has many nutrients. However, if you drink it too quickly, it can actually cause bloating, and it does not have the amount of sodium to help with difficult workouts. 
  • Protein shakes are not just tasty but will help you grow your muscles, lose weight, and replenish your energy. There’s a reason so many athletes take them after a workout! 
  • Chocolate milk not only has protein, carbohydrates, and calcium, but it can also rehydrate you just like a Gatorade would! It’s the perfect tasty drink after a harsh workout.

Best fruits to have before a workout

  • Bananas are not only easy to eat, but they are also full of carbohydrates, antioxidants, and potassium. They won’t cause bloating or be a heavy snack since your system digests them easily. They are the ideal pre-workout snack!
  • Apples, paired with peanut butter, give you all you need for a pre-workout snack. It provides you with the carbohydrates, healthy fat, and protein that you need!
  • Oranges have plenty of carbohydrates and Vitamin C, which will help with muscle recovery. Not only will it give you energy, but it is fast to digest and easy to eat!

Best fruits to have after a workout

  • Blueberries have multiple benefits that you may not be aware of. They can help rehydrate you, reduce muscle inflammation, give you more energy, are very versatile in the many ways you can mix them with other foods, and they are really tasty! 
  • Pineapple has a bunch of micronutrients as well as being full of carbohydrates; it will help replenish your energy and help your body digest protein easier and faster. 
  • Strawberries are full of water and electrolytes to help you rehydrate after your workout. They also have plenty of carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, and sodium! 

Pro tip: you still have to eat light so close to your workout, or you might throw up or feel too heavy! This is why fruits and drinks are probably the best way to go, and you can make it tasty by mixing certain fruits with things like peanut butter or yogurt!

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Kunal Jhaveri
Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips.

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