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Can CBD Tincture Help Reduce the Effects of Restless Leg Syndrome

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Medicine has come a long way. But many common illnesses remain incurable. Instead, those who are suffering can only hope to control their symptoms. Moreover, symptom treatment frequently entails taking drugs that relieve pain and inflammation.

While these are beneficial, they may also have negative consequences. So, if you can find a more natural option, it may be advantageous. If you live in the UK and suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, you can easily buy CBD tinctures in the UK from medical stores or online. 

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

This syndrome is also named Willis-Ekbom disease, affecting anyone, male or female, regardless of age. You feel an uncontrolled urge to move your legs when you have restless leg syndrome. The desire arises from a feeling of discomfort.

The majority of people have this urge in the evening or at night when their legs are relaxed. Moving about helps to alleviate the pain. The desire isn’t always limited to your legs; it can also affect your arms, chest, or head.

While the sensation may occur on only one side of the body, it is more likely to occur on both sides. Some people also notice that the feeling changes from side to side.

Who Can Suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome can afflict people of any age, but it is most common among the elderly. Because attacks frequently occur while you are sleeping, medical specialists classify it as a sleep disorder. You may eventually be unable to sleep through the night or function normally during the day. Symptoms may also appear after prolonged periods of inactivity. Your symptoms may become worse if left untreated without medical help.

The fact that symptoms emerge at random is part of what makes this sickness so difficult. The sensation is described by some as throbbing, aching, or even itching. They also vary widely, ranging from a minor annoyance to extreme pain. If you’ve been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, you should get treatment right once to stop the symptoms from getting worse.


Doctors still don’t have any idea about the actual cause of this syndrome. However, studies show that it may be linked to your genes: more than half of those with this disorder are seen to have a family member with the same symptoms. Other factors to consider are:

  • Chronic disorders such as anemia, kidney failure, and renal disease 
  • Antipsychotic, antidepressant, and nausea medications
  • Pregnancy, especially in your last trimester
  • Other sleep disorders
  • Spinal cord conditions

While restless leg syndrome will not endanger your life, it will affect your quality of life. It has been known to cause tiredness, hindering work or school performance due to difficulty concentrating and mood swings. Doctors now recommend that you manage your illness with lifestyle modifications, including healthy food and exercise, as well as targeted symptom relief.

Some habits can worsen symptoms.

  • RLS symptoms are worsened by smoking, caffeine, and alcohol consumption. You should reduce caffeine and alcohol use to decrease symptoms.
  • RLS symptoms become more common and severe as a result of excessive exercise. There’s no need to stop exercising altogether, but limiting your high-intensity days and scheduling more “easy” days will help to alleviate RLS symptoms. You can alleviate many of the symptoms of RLS simply by avoiding or minimizing a few of these habits, as well as using CBD.

CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome

If you’ve tried and failed to eliminate RLS triggers, CBD for restless leg syndrome could be the answer. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance generated from the cannabis plant that is safe and legal. CBD oils contain no THC or other psychoactive compounds. CBD’s only adverse effect is that it can make you tired if you take too much of it.

CBD relaxes muscles, which helps with restless leg syndrome. It calms the nerves in your legs that are causing the tingling and pain. Earlier treatments for RLS aimed to reduce the severity of symptoms. RLS was treated naturally by massaging the legs, moderate activity, and increasing iron and magnesium in the diet. Early treatments used opioids, an anti-seizure medicine, and other prescription medications to alleviate RLS symptoms.

CBD is a natural muscle relaxant, so those who use it for restless leg syndrome sleep better.

How to Use CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome?

The rise in the popularity of CBD in recent years has resulted in various options on the market. Oral options, such as an oil or tincture, provide quick results, while CBD capsules make it easy to calculate your exact dose and provide maximum convenience. However, another CBD delivery method, topical cannabidiol, maybe the best option for restless leg sufferers.

What is the reason for this? CBD that is applied topically has specific effects. If you have pain in one area of your leg, putting a CBD salve or lotion to that area may help you move more freely and provide the relief you need.

The Right CBD Dosage for Restless Leg Syndrome

Dosing is critical with this supplement, as it is with any other. Because CBD has the potential to alter a variety of biological systems, you should see a doctor before you make it a part of your daily routine. We usually recommend starting with a modest dose of CBD once you’ve received medical approval. It will allow you to see how cannabinoids affect your body.

Your doctor can help you know what dose is correct for you, and then you can gradually increase the dose until you get the relief you want. Keep in mind that persons with severe symptoms will need a higher dosage than those with mild symptoms.

Bottom Line

CBD can help with restless leg syndrome. The need to move around is significantly reduced, resulting in a restful night’s sleep that benefits the patient in all aspects of their day. There is evidence that CBD works well for many people, whether taken orally or in the form of a restless legs cream. It is an excellent technique to improve day-to-day life as a completely safe and low-cost treatment.

CBD for RLS is a valuable solution that provides relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of RLS. Many CBD users have reported that their RLS symptoms have gone away. You’ll not only feel better, but your quality of life will increase as well.

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