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What A Dog Parent Should Know About Using CBD For Dogs

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CBD products are becoming popular among dog owners. They use it to treat conditions like inflammation, pains, arthritis, anxiety, and seizures in dogs. However, there are currently no studies or research supporting CBD products or supplements for dogs. But most dog owners rely mainly on anecdotal evidence to treat their canine friends with CBD products. 

If you have been following CBD trends lately, you will realize that the popularity and marketing of cannabidiol are outpacing its regulation and research. That’s why it’s important to know more about this marijuana compound before using it for your dogs. 

But it’s important to know a few things about CBD oil before using it for your dogs.

What’s FDA Position About Using CBD for Dogs?

In 2018, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved the first CBD based prescription medication. The Medication – epidiolex treats a rare form of epilepsy in children. 

According to Lindsay Haake, “FDA didn’t place restrictions on the use on the use of epidiolex in animals. And veterinarians should follow the recommended principles in the Animal Medical Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA).” Lindsay further advised them to handle the drug (epidiolex) in accordance with state and federal regulations. 

Some veterinarians are sometimes open to discussion about using CBD to treat your dog. However, they always remind you that no scientific data or studies support the use of CBD oil for dogs. This means that whatever CBD prescription you are getting from your veterinarian isn’t based on scientific data or search. It’s purely based on anecdotal evidence. 

Again, you can administer CBD to your dogs as supplements, treats, etc. Talking of treats, here are some of the best CBD treats for Dogs

Before you use cannabidiol for your dogs, here are five things you should know about CBD for dogs; 

5 Things a Dog Parent Should Know About Using CBD for Dogs 

#1. Check the Certificate of Analysis 

Before you get any CBD product for your dogs, always check the certificate of analysis. The analysis contains important information like the amount of THC in the product. Always get your dog CBD products with zero THC. 

When checking the certificate of analysis, pay attention to three tests, which are; 

  • Microbial test which shows the result for pathogen 
  • Heavy metal test that reveals pollutants results
  • Pesticides test that helps to detect factory. 

As a rule, if you can’t find information about the CBD product’s certificate of analysis on the seller’s website or product level, it’s not safe to use it for your dogs. Search for another seller. 

If the CBD oil is authentic, it will always come with a certificate of analysis because they have nothing to hide. 

#2. Choose CBD without THC

Never use CBD with THC for your dog. It’s toxic for them and could make them vomit, have diarrhea, and several other reactions. So, always search for CBD oil with zero THC. It’s safer and healthier for your dogs. 

#3. Don’t Use Hemp Oil 

You should pay serious attention to this area if you are getting CBD products for your dogs the first time. There’s a difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil. While CBD oil contains more cannabidiol and less of other healthy chemical compounds, Hemp oil has little or no cannabidiol. 

Again, some sellers may label their CBD oil as “hemp oil.” And they will describe it as highly beneficial to your health. Like I mentioned earlier, hemp oil contains little or no CBD, and it’s not therapeutic for your dogs. 

But if the product is tagged “hemp seed oil,” it’s safe to give it to your canine companion if CBD is added. That’s why it’s important to check a CBD product’s certificate of analysis before using it for your dogs. 

#4. Choose a Reputable Brand 

Again, the popularity and marketing of CBD oil are higher than its regulation. Always have this in mind when buying CBD products for your dogs. That’s why it’s safer to get your CBD oil from reputable brands. 

It’s easy; search online, read people’s comments and reviews about some of the most popular CBD brands. And from the reviews, you can choose a reputable brand to buy from. 

Remember, there’s currently no scientific research or studies regarding the use of CBD for dogs. We all rely on anecdotal evidence to use them. That’s why it’s essential to get these products from a reputable manufacturer. It’s the only way you can guaranty your dog’s safety. 

#5. Check the Dosage 

For now, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate CBD for dogs. So, no standard dosage has been established. But you can always discuss with your veterinarian for dosage advice. 

However, a 2018 study on the “safety, clinical effectiveness, and pharmacokinetics of CBD for treating osteoarthritis dogs” revealed that cannabidiol is both safe and effective for dogs. 

Interestingly, the study also suggested that the CBD dosage you give to your dogs should depend on their weight; that’s 2mg/kg. 

With this information, you can decide whether to use CBD medication for dogs or not. However, most veterinarians always hesitate to discuss CBD with their clients. But if you have a personal rapport with your veterinarian, they may likely advise you on how best to use CBD for your dogs. 

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