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Gain Control of Your Mornings through Hypnotherapy

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For years we have bought into the idea that everyone is either a “morning person” or a “night owl.” For those who cannot seem to shake the groggy feeling that the morning brings, it feels as though the early hours of the day are a no-go when it comes to attempting anything productive. Know that your ability to seize the day and utilize the morning is dependent on a number of factors, including how long you sleep, how well you sleep, and how you feel.

The National Sleep Foundation guidelines advise that adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep, a target which can become increasingly difficult to meet as people face responsibilities like stressful jobs, children, or health problems. Stress that lingers for a long time becomes anxiety and can lead to insomnia, which increases the likelihood of mental illnesses. Unfortunately, many people are trapped in this vicious circle.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, sleep problems affect more than 50 percent of adults suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder.

How Hypnotherapy works for sleep anxiety?

Sadly, anxiety rarely goes away on its own, and hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping you regulate your emotions and relax deeply. Hypnosis can also be used to get rid of harmful sleep habits, such as consuming too much caffeine or alcohol before bed. Easing your mind ahead of a good night’s sleep will set you up for a positive and productive morning and promote good restorative sleep the following day.

In a study published in March 2019 by JMRI Mental Health, sleep quality and mood were found to be directly related. 206 people were monitored over a six-week period. The study concluded that the effect of sleep quality on their mood the following day was much larger than the effect of the previous day’s mood on sleep quality.

Also, just because someone sets aside enough hours for a good night of sleep does not mean that the entire time is spent in restorative sleep. Even people without anxiety struggle to switch off from the day and allow their minds to drift off. Sometimes, relaxation does not come easy to busy people, and hypnosis can help a person relax and increase the time spent in a deep sleep. By enjoying better quality sleep, people can get the most out of morning activities like yoga, exercise, work, or even leisure time.

Aside from sleep itself, it can also be hard for people to switch on their motivation in the morning. A long day of errands or unappealing tasks can be daunting and make people slow to get going. But hypnosis can help develop deep inner motivation and keep them focused on their goals. The increased drive can make them more proactive and productive, which in turn increases their motivation levels.

You can start enjoying your mornings once you re-learn how to sleep. Hypnosis can be your ally on this journey as you regain control of your mornings and embrace every hour of the day.

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Christine Descheminhttps://upnow.com/
Christine Deschemin is a performance coach and certified hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong. She founded the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre and self-hypnosis app UpNow. With a strong interest in peak performance, she has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome emotional and behavioral challenges and achieve success. As a former banker, she has experienced first-hand the stress and tension of everyday life. In addition, she holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is certified by the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc) in the U.S. and has received a diploma as a hypnotherapist in France.

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