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6 Habits to Stay Motivated All Day Long

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Spoiler alert: staying motivated all day long is actually a thing.

So often we discount that this concept seems all but impossible. Yet that precise mindset prevents us from ever getting it in the first place. It’s what I’d call an upper limit problem – a concept coined from “The Big Leap” about how we self-sabotage. Once we get “too successful” or “too positive,” – we bring ourselves down a few notches.

Here’s what this article is not – a bunch of ideas about your morning routine that you’ve heard regurgitated a million times. But if you have an open mind and can accept the possibility that you CAN be positive all the time… I’ll tell you how. But hear me when I say, that’s the MOST important step to getting there.

How do we do it, anyway? How do we combat every limiting belief that’s told us to keep our expectations low to avoid disappointment? I’ve got 6 ways for you. Here’s my caveat – this isn’t a magic formula or routine you need to implement overnight. If you can master ONE of these disciplines as a habit and execute it over time… the rest will fall into place.

1. Begin your day with affirmations

6 Habits to Stay Motivated All Day Long

If this is the only thing, you can commit to, start here. Even if you don’t feel like it, this step is simple. Get your headphones, your TV, your phone, and YouTube or Google positive affirmations – and listen. That’s it. You don’t have to say them out loud, you don’t have to even believe them yet… but begin priming your mind with positivity. I can guarantee that over time; you’ll begin to be thinking them to yourself.

2. Fill yourself first

Perhaps, you are sick of hearing the phrase you can’t pour from an empty cup – but it doesn’t make it any less true. To stay positive, motivated, and energetic all day long, you MUST take care of yourself. Far too often, we place ourselves on the back burner to serve others first.

With sacrificial intent, we attempt to help others by neglecting ourselves. This badge of honor we wear backfires overtime when we stop meeting our own needs. As a result, burnout, and fatigue set in. So even if it feels selfish or you experience guilt in doing this… remember: you CANNOT serve someone to the capacity they need until you care for yourself.

3. Take meditation breaks

6 Habits to Stay Motivated All Day Long

This may sound woo – but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you prefer meditation, solitude, prayer, or stillness… take intentional intervals throughout the day to hit the reset button. No matter your vibe, this discipline allows you to slow your breathing, check in with your emotions, and keep a pulse on how you’re feeling. So often, we near this burnout mode when we neglect to as much as a check-in with ourselves. These little breaks allow us to be aware of what’s going on within ourselves and adjust accordingly.

4. Change your environment

It’s scientifically proven that your environment & surroundings can dictate your mood. When we engage our senses, it impacts our emotions and internal thermostat. Even if you work in a cubicle or live with multiple people, I promise it’s still possible. In the office, you can create a clean & organized workspace with plants, mementos, or even a vision board. At home or regardless of where you live, you can go outside, work from a different room, or create a clean workspace in your desired room of choice.

5. Try a 5-minute workout

6 Habits to Stay Motivated All Day Long

Though it may not seem like enough time – most people find that attempting to do a daily 5-minute workout is easier than starting with 45 minutes. These 5-minute workouts help form new habits and get your blood pumping – leading to all the feel-good endorphins. As you build this discipline into your daily life – you’ll probably begin to notice a desire to work out longer, too.

6. Feed your mind

I’ve heard it said you are what you think – which couldn’t be more true of a statement. Considering your thoughts dictate your emotions and actions, what you choose to think about – or not to think about – plays a significant factor in your headspace. Filling your mind with uplifting music, positive affirmations, or even motivational quotes as the day passes is a great way to begin feeding your mind.

Each of these attributes plays an immense role in changing your body’s chemistry to how you perceive your day. Because the truth is, it’s not your circumstances that dictate your mood… it’s YOU. You are the only variable in life that you’ll ever be able to control.

Until you can fully take responsibility for having this authority & freedom, you unlock the potential to feel good all the time. Begin implementing these disciplines into your routine, and I promise you’ll experience this sooner rather than later.

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