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From the Outside In-How to Overcome Physical Insecurities

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Today, half of the world’s population is insecure about their physical appearance, which reflects on their self-esteem. If you’re one of them, you surely know how bothersome it may be to reconsider decisions continuously, rethink every action, and wonder why you are the imperfect one.  

Physical insecurities come from three primary sources: past failures, perfectionism, and social anxiety. To overcome them, you must work on mindfulness and the strength of your mental self. The change doesn’t come overnight, so patience is necessary.

Balance logic and emotion.

Many insecurities coming from physical appearance are illogical. Their source can be traced to deep emotional trauma and anxiety, which sometimes aren’t rational. We shouldn’t allow our strong emotions to lead us through life, nor should we allow strictly rational thinking. Balance is necessary. 

If you feel the need to change something in your life regarding your appearance or mental health, don’t let your anxiety and tension hold you down. The change is demanding emotionally and sometimes physically. Think about the positive outcome and aspects of the change. Let it be your guide through the tough treatment or therapy. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, try to switch to logical and rational thinking. The situation usually isn’t as bad as it seems.

Embrace non-comparison.

Take a look around your friends. How many times have you heard at least one of them say they wish they looked like someone else or wish to possess somebody’s appealing physical features? Probably more than once. This is comparison negatively affects your self-esteem and actively harms your confidence. 

Even though others may seem like they are better looking, smarter, richer, or having more fun, they all have their inner battles and insecurities. Next time, before you compare yourself to others, remember that you’re a unique and original individual with strengths and flaws like any other human being. Don’t compare apples and oranges. Instead, find happiness in your path and appreciate differences.

Change your habits.

Many people are used to negative self-talk daily. If you keep telling yourself that you’re not pretty or attractive, you’ll start to believe in that, and sooner or later, a negative self-image is created. Instead of that, you need to implement positivity and positive self-talk in your daily life, which isn’t easy. Change for the better comes with changed habits. You need to do something well for your body to feel well in your skin.

Drastic changes aren’t recommended as they have less chance of remaining as a part of your routine. Start by doing something simple, like waking up half an hour earlier or doing simple home workouts. You’ll start noticing changes after a while. That will assure you that positive change is possible and that overcoming physical insecurities is real.

Do something about insecurity.

Physical insecurities can become so unbearable that they interfere with daily life. They cause so much stress that you feel like you need to do something about them soon. You know what they say; if it makes you happy, do it, as long as you’re not harming anybody else. So, why wouldn’t you eliminate physical insecurity with an intervention?

Many people around the world are struggling with crooked or uneven teeth. If you have that problem too, you surely know how hard it can be to sincerely smile without covering up your mouth. Instead of worrying about how others see your teeth, pay a reliable orthodontist a visit. Address the dental issues on time and prevent further complications. With orthodontics, you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Love your flaws

Everybody has flaws. That’s what makes us unique and human. However, it’s sometimes hard to accept that we are flawed beings. It makes us vulnerable in front of others, which can affect our self-esteem. If you can’t work on your physical flaws, learn how to accept them.

To love your flaws is easier said than done. You need to learn how to feel confident in your body without paying so much attention to the flaws. Focus on your positive aspects, and, over time, you’ll see that precepted flaws can be your strengths as well. So, wear those flaws on your sleeve.


The truth is, we all are imperfect in our ways. That makes us who we are; that makes us human. If we embrace our imperfections and accept our flaws as they are, a healthy dose of confidence and self-esteem will appear. That makes it easier for us to function. Love the person who you are inside and out.

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