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13 Medicinal Plants to Keep in Your Garden & Home

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In addition, to make your home look lovely add few plants and herbs that offer a bounty of medicinal benefits. Their ability to treat certain ailments in a natural way makes these medicinal plants vital for those looking to live greener and healthier lives. They are a must for both amateur and seasoned horticulturists who want their plants to provide practical uses in addition to aesthetics. 

Below, Stephanie Fatta, Rachel Z., and Liana M., plant experts at Beauty Brite (a top lifestyle & beauty blog) and HousePlant Addicts (the go-to resource for houseplant lovers), provided a roundup of some medicinal plants and their many benefits.

Peruse the list to see if you already have these plants in your garden and make plans to stock up on the ones you don’t have!

1. Elderberries 


There is scientific evidence that elderberries are taken as juice or syrup that stimulates the cytokine (immune) response, which shortens the flu’s duration and severity. With flu season fast approaching, make sure to keep elderberry juice or syrup in your home to help combat any flu-like symptoms you experience.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Have you ever had a painful sunburn after a long day at the pool? Or do you sometimes accidentally get burned while cooking in the kitchen? Keeping an aloe vera plant in your home is a must, as it will help heal up to second-degree burns! On top of this, aloe vera will also help fight digestive issues. 

3. Plant Oils

plant oils

Various plant oils provide a bevy of both medicinal benefits and functional uses. For example, coconut oil helps treat burns and dry skin, and it can be used as a hair moisturizer, hair conditioner, hair mask, skin moisturizer, and more. Tea tree oil helps treat bug bites and acne and can be used as a general cleaner around the house, a disinfectant, and more. Lavender oil is also calming and can be used to relieve stress, depression, and nervousness. 

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Are you looking for an all-natural pain reliever? Lemon Balm used dried in a tea is ideal for menstrual cramps, headaches, and colds. Do you also ever have issues with falling asleep at night? Lemon Balm can help fix insomnia and improve your sleep since it is a mild sedative.

5. Chamomile


Chamomile really is a powerhouse plant, as it provides a number of medicinal benefits. It is used to help treat indigestion, gout, headaches, sciatica, fevers, cramps, colds, arthritis, diarrhea, and the flu. Chamomile can also be dried and used as a tea.

6. Yarrow


Looking for an all-natural way to treat cuts and scrapes? Yarrow is used to stopping the bleeding of wounds. When dried and used as a tea, it can also be used to help treat colds, fevers, anorexia, and indigestion. It is a must-have for all households!

7. Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Do you want to stock up on another green way to treat colds, fevers, and insomnia? Look no further than bee balm. Used in a tea, bee balm is ideal for helping with colic, flatulence, colds, fevers, nosebleeds, insomnia, stomachaches, and heart trouble. 

8. Mint


Another highly useful plant is mint because it can be used for colds, fevers, sore throats, colic, and headaches when dried in a tea. On top of this, it also helps treat diarrhea and indigestion!

9. Comfrey

This wonderful plant helps promote healing. Used as a salve, it is ideal for healing bruises, wounds, and ulcers. 

10. Oregano


Do you want a green method for helping Bronchitis, asthma, or croup? Oregano will help with these ailments! It is an extraordinary plant that promotes a healthy immune system and respiratory system.

11. Thyme


Known as a natural herbal antibiotic, thyme helps with stomach aches/pains, cough, sore throats, bronchitis, and arthritis. It can also help those who have skin disorders and movement disorders. 

12. Basil


We all know that basil is great in cooking and making outstanding tomato sauce, but did you also know that it provides wonderful medicinal benefits? Basil also helps with fluid retention, head colds, kidney issues, stomach spasms, and even warts! It has also been known to help with insect bites. 

13. Calendula


Also known as Marigolds, Calendula helps with muscle spasms. In teas, it can also help with stomach issues and menstrual cramps! 

Let’s Not Forget About Houseplants!

On top of naturally cleaning your indoor air, houseplants promote peace and calm—a must for lowering stress and improving mental health! They are a simple and effective way to bring nature indoors into your everyday living space. Even malls, office buildings, and businesses decorate with plants!

To Wrap It Up

Hopefully, this list of medicinal plants will help you treat some of the ailments you experience in an all-natural and eco-friendly way.

These medicinal plants should also help eradicate the need to make an inconvenient trip to the local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter medicines for every bodily issue you may face. Add some or all of these plants to your garden and household, so you always have all-natural remedies ready for ailments you may experience. 

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Plant Experts at Beauty Brite & Houseplant Addicts
Stephanie Fatta, Rachel Z., and Liana M. are plant experts at Beauty Brite and Houseplant Addicts. Beauty Brite is a popular lifestyle, wellness, family, and beauty blog that could be considered "A Little Bit of Everything". It covers beauty, parenting, fashion, recipes, tech gadgets, and more. The go-to resource for all houseplant lovers, Houseplant Addicts covers topics ranging from houseplant maintenance and outdoor gardening to plant humor.

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