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5 Ways To Reduce Menopause Symptoms In The New Year

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For most women, menopause begins in their late 40s. Although the stereotypical symptom of menopause is hot flashes, there are many other symptoms that plague women going through menopause, from mood swings to insomnia. Each woman experiences menopause differently, but there are still some recognized ways to get menopause mood relief and relief from the other symptoms.

Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin D & Calcium

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When women enter menopause, it can cause the bones to weaken. Osteoporosis becomes a risk. Calcium helps strengthen bones. If you’re avoiding dairy, you can get calcium in kale, collard greens and spinach. Increasing your vitamin D intake reduces the risk of hip fractures. Eat foods like oily fish or eggs or get out in the sunlight every day for about 15 minutes to get your daily dose of vitamin D. The sunlight is also good for your mental health, especially in the winter months when you’re inside so much of the time.

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Drink Lots of Water

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body, regardless of your age. During menopause, estrogen loss leads to dryness. Combat that by drinking more water. Make your drinks more interesting by using fresh fruits or vegetables to infuse flavor. Strangely enough, it’s thought that drinking more water can reduce bloating that often accompanies menopause. When you take plant based menopause supplements, drink an extra glass of water to help your body stay hydrated.

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Eat Lots Of Fruit & Veggies

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Fruits and vegetables have low caloric values compared to the weight of other foods. You’ll feel fuller and more satisfied, plus you’ll be getting a wide array of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals important to your health. Try to find sources of local, fresh-grown produce that are harvested closer to ripening for the best tasting food. If that isn’t an option, check out the frozen selection of vegetables and fruits.

Exercise Regularly

women exercise

Although the research between menopause and exercise is limited, there are many benefits of exercise that will help you during menopause. Exercise helps you sleep better and improves your physical and mental health. Exercise benefits your joints and bones, keeping you flexible and fit at a time when your body is starting to feel older and less healthy. Exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight, which can significantly help you feel better through menopause.

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Use Supplements     


During menopause, your body’s supply of estrogen decreases. Many women turn to supplemental estrogen to help reduce symptoms of menopause. Equelle is a plant-based supplement derived from soy that mimics the body’s natural production of estrogen. If you’re asking yourself, does Equelle cause weight gain, rest assured that studies have shown that it does not have negative effects on the thyroid.

Menopause is often thought of as the beginning of old age, but there’s no reason to think that life is over when you enter menopause. In fact, it can be the beginning of your next stage of life in which you can tackle things with new convictions and increased energy. Don’t let menopause symptoms stop you. Find relief from your menopause symptoms.

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