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How To Travel Safe On Periods? 14 Tips To Help You Out!

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It is not always possible to evade periods as per your wish. And for sure, it can be a real bummer when your monthly friend appears all of a sudden when you’re traveling. To avoid unpleasant situations and be in a better place to handle yourself, we have prepared a complete travel period checklist for you lovely ladies! 

Tips for traveling safe on your period

It is a general checklist. So feel free to modify it for yourself based on various factors like the mode of your travel, the number of days, the place, and more. 

1. Use a period tracker.

Tracking your period and being aware of your cycle has umpteen benefits, and one of them is helping you plan your trips better. There are various period tracker apps that help predict your period cycle. So, you can always be prepared and not let periods catch you off guard. However, these apps may not be helpful if you have irregular periods. In that case, you must always have your period supplies on you to avoid uncomfortable situations. 

2. Carry extra pads or tampons  

Even if you are sure you wouldn’t require that extra packet of pads, still make it a habit to carry it with you. It is crucial because medical research and doctors have found that traveling can affect your hormones and period. Anyway, a little extra never hurts, right? If you don’t need it, maybe someone else might, and your habit can prove beneficial that time! 

3. Consider using a menstrual cup. 

The secret of being comfortable during long travel journeys is using a menstrual cup! It can be worn up to 12 hours at a stretch, won’t give you rashes or allergies, and chances of leaking are nil if you have worn it properly. If you are skeptical about leakages, you can always add a pad for double protection. The only issue may be cleaning your cup – you need to rinse it with water thoroughly. You can carry a small water bottle for this purpose in your handbag. If water is not available, you can even empty your cup and wipe it with the tissue before reinsertion. 

4. Prepare a period kit. 

Apart from pads, tampons, and your menstrual cup, don’t go without a few essential period supplies in your period kit to be carried in your handbag. These include:  

  • Newspapers or eco-friendly disposal bags
  • A small water bottle 
  • Tissues and wipes 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Underwear
  • Pain medication 
  • Dark chocolate and nuts

5. Always carry a handbag.  

It may seem like an obvious one, but it is crucial. A small handbag with your complete period kit is a must for stress-free travel. 

6. Keep some dark chocolate, nuts, or other foods handy.

woman chocolate

Periods bring various unpleasant emotional symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability or anger, and crying spells. A few foods such as dark chocolate, bananas, and nuts are known to uplift your mood. Always keep some of these foods in your bag – it can be a real savior when you’re experiencing mood swings.   

7. Carry pain-relief essentials.

If you struggle with painful menstrual cramps, do not forget your pain-relief essentials for a comfortable trip. Many times you may not get enough time or space for rest like you would at home. Therefore, it is best if you have something that can relieve you of the pain and discomfort like: 

  • Pain-relief medication
  • Cramp relief balms or heat patches  

8. Wear dark-colored bottoms.

We are sure you follow this tip even when you’re not traveling. But dark clothes can save you from embarrassing stain situations and are a must-have, especially on heavy flow days.  

9. Dress in comfortable clothing.

Tips for Traveling on your Period

When your body is already dealing with painful cramps, varying body temperatures, irritability, bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms, dressing in tight clothes is the last thing you want. It will not only itch and irritate down there but also increase the chances of a yeast infection due to sweat accumulation. So, skip the tight jeans and opt for loose cotton pants. Of course, this may change based on the location you are traveling to – but keep in mind one rule – your clothing should be comfortable! 

10. Carry extra bottom wear.

Again, bank on extras for your stain situations. Carry extra underwear, pants, or any other bottom wear you’ll be wearing. Even bedsheets and towels if you are worried about staining the hotel supplies. 

11. Change your pad often or whenever you can.

You don’t want to deal with yeast infections or UTIs on top of the already discomforting periods. It may be hard to access the washroom if you are traveling by road but whenever you do, make sure to change to a new sanitary pad. You can even opt for alternatives such as menstrual cups or period panties that can last you longer without leaking. 

12. Don’t neglect your diet and water intake.

Eating well during your periods is crucial as your body needs energy during this exhausting phase. Even though you may crave junk and sugary foods, they can worsen your period symptoms like bloating and diarrhea. While it may elevate your mood for some time, it will also have the reverse effect once your insulin drops down. You will crave the same unhealthy foods again. To avoid this, opt for simple and fresh foods and leave the packaged, fried, salty and sugary ones aside. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water to keep your energy levels up. 

13. Get enough rest.

Get sleep wherever and whenever possible – you need enough rest on your periods. Skip the late-night drinking parties and smoking to prevent worsening of your symptoms, especially cramps. 

14. Consider a contraceptive.

Lastly, if you feel periods are a no-no for you when you’re traveling, talk to your doctor about options that can help delay or cease your periods for a while. There are various contraceptives such as oral contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices (IUD), and likewise, that can help delay or stop your periods. 


Keep all these tips in mind, and you’re ready to tackle periods during all your travels. No need to cancel or delay trips, no embarrassing or difficult situations, and no discomfort – if you’ve ticked all the boxes on your travel period checklist! 

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