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Is a Menstrual Cup Under One’s Wing?

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Puberty and its consequences

Menstruation is a period that every woman has to battle within every 30 days; it has become a part of our life now though a few of us are still learning to adapt to this updated feature in our human body as soon as we reach the so-called awkward stage of puberty. 

Puberty is a transition phase in a woman’s life to adulthood; it alters our physical and mental well-being. Mood swings are a common hint before your period date; excessive sweating can also conclude the same and remind you to be prepared to wear your armour for the battle to begin.

Menstrual products: How does the freedom cup outstand its alternatives?

We are also exposed to the usage of period pads or tampons or pad-free pantry during the same phase, but now at least a few of us have shifted to cups.

Menstrual cups have gained fans during the past few years, but now we can see more of us jumping behind this bandwagon; its very comfortable and hearty hallmark is the root behind that success.

Other than its sheltered features, the raw material from which it has been built is medical-grade silicone, which can last up to a decade since they are reusable. The United Nations defines it as the freedom cup, which offers you relaxation amid the menstrual cramps that you suffer during periods. From an economic sphere, it is comparatively affordable, but the price range may vary from brand to brand. However, its reusable feature makes it more profitable and economically feasible than sanitary pads or tampons.

The growing heedfulness for period hardships

A recent headline from BBC had stated that a week-off grant for female school teachers of the northern rural regions in India where lack of transportation facilities forces them to walk miles every day to reach schools is to be considered by the government. Another article of BBC had stated that in Asia, we have Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia supporting menstrual leave; by this provision, they are not considering the female gender as a weaker community; rather, these measures contribute towards empowering them to become bolder.

Quite recently, an article in The Hindu had stated that the Kerala health minister had declared to distribute Thinkal menstrual cups to about 10,000 women of its rural regions for free of cost. Menstruation has become a topic of worldwide concern, along with making the right decision of adopting a healthy menstrual hygiene product.

Guidance for beginners

For beginners, it might take a while to adapt, however with experience; you are most likely to adopt a menstrual cup against sanitary pads. And after all, it’s our body, and nobody else knows better than yourself; it’s our choices that define the same so choose wisely the option that you find satisfying.

Here are a few suggestions for beginners to choose the best menstrual cup that is right for them: for teenagers, a Hello menstrual cup XS, which is soft and collapsible, preferred for age groups ranging from 12-18 years. For adults with a high cervix and heavy flow, a Saalt menstrual cup is suggested. For adults with a low cervix and heavy flow, a femmycycle menstrual cup is suggested. When it comes to a sustainable option, Lena menstrual cup is an ideal one, with its dye-free, chemical-free policies. Cora cups are more comfortable for first-time users, with different sizes, stem sizes, and shapes.

Healthy Menstrual cup cleaning practices

It is always preferable to store your cup in a pouch rather than keeping it in the outer space, exposed to germs; in most cases, you get a pouch or tin to store your freedom cup along with your purchase. Along with maintaining your menstrual hygiene, it is important to keep your menstrual cup clean and dried in order to prevent it from smelling and leaking. First, rinse your cup with cold water, then use a soft brush to rub its inside, and remember to practice this sanitization after every use to avoid any irritation.

A few testimonials:

According to Period Nirvana, a user had claimed that she felt comfortable using a Saalt cup and appreciated how easy it was to open the original, firm Saalt cup. She recommends this cup to all first-time cup users since the size and length are suitable for a wide range of people. She recommends Saalt’s latest edition of Saalt teen for millennials. She is certain that Saalt cups are the perfect starter length for the majority of women.

Gabrielle Moss, the author of Paperback Crush and a former Bustle editor, shared with the New York magazine that DivaCup was the only one she had tried and that she didn’t need to seek for another because she fell in love with it on her first session.

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