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Contemporary Reads for Modern Day Women

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Gone are the stereotypical days of humdrum cookbooks and misogynistic fashion reads. Times have changed, just like the modern-day women. Their agendas behind reading are altogether replaced. Campy articles on how to look fairer in 7 days or how to dress up correctly for a first date are history.

Instead, they prefer cultural commentary, uncovering a new outlook on life and learning more about themselves and the world. We tried assembling the top reading preferences by Modern Women.

1. Travel

women travelling alone

With the rising ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Solo Tripping’ culture, who doesn’t want to explore new travel options. A woman no longer needs approval or fortitude from their significant other or the society for travelling. And to celebrate this freedom, magazines like ‘Unearth Women’ and ‘Travelgirl’ emphasize on citing what our female Globetrotters want to read.

2. Self-help and memories

women memories

Inspiring memoirs like Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ or Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis’  stirred the souls of thousands of female readers while books like ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler made them laugh and ponder. With a perfect blend of wit and humour, these books sway the readers as never before.

3. Erotica

women role play

Most conventional notions about erotic fiction kept women from discovering their true selves. This genre was never as pronounced as it is now. Presently, women own their desires and interests. The erotica stories preferred by women help celebrate their sexual satisfaction, challenging all stereotypes. It might start with inaugural Mills & Boon readings but now, the options are diverse and unlimited.

4. Independent women’s magazines

women magazine

A very latest buzz created by these Independent Women’s Magazines which are a rich source of intelligent, thought-provoking reportage of culture and creativity is –

“Several progressive and exciting magazines that are preferred by female readers are ‘Wear your voice’, ‘Gal-Dem’ and ‘Womankind’. An additional perk of reading the above said is the catering of voices of the coloured and LGBTQIA+ community, which are often neglected in the mainstream media.”

5. Romances and poetry

women building herself

We asked multiple women about their Guilty Pleasure reads and there was a legion of interesting answers. Where many of them preferred Jojo Moyes’s and Jodi Picoult’s heartrending and passionate works, while others preferred engaging poetry. Poetry books by Nikita Gill and Lang Leav wove words around feelings which the readers found captivating and soothing.

6. Feminist fashion

women fashion magazine

The demand for fashion magazines that are from a solely feminist perspective is undeniably what a modern-day woman wants. Magazines like ‘Bust’ , ‘The Siren’ and ‘Bitch’ are not only well refurbished with fashion and lifestyle but they also crush the stereotypes of an apparently perfect fashion world by introducing body positivity, and fashion that speaks for everyone. These magazines also include informative and realist health sections and smart tips that women may find useful.

Here’s a warp!

Gradually women are giving up toxic magazine culture which portrays women in a certain way that is only distantly relatable. Breaking all the stereotypes of Cosmopolitan and Nicolas Sparks, we conclude how unpredictable contemporary women are. From sports to travel, history to cuisines, fashion to feminism, the possibilities are endless!

Money and entertainment are assuredly not on the top as we talk about the interests of a contemporary woman. Interaction with plentiful amazing women gave us the closure that a modern-day woman wants to hear ideas and perspectives but most of all, a modern-day woman wants to be heard.

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