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Thank You For Leaving Me, And Making Me Believe in Myself Again- A Letter To My Ex!!

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I’m so thankful that you left me, for my goodness sake. So I’m now able to appreciate someone who treats me kindly.

I’m so thankful that you left me, making me fight for myself and realize that I am important & for helping me understand that loving someone does not mean making yourself smaller for them.

I’m so thankful that you left me….

Did you passionately love him and plan a house, a married life with kids, and a bright future with him?

Did your love leave you in between for some stupid reasons like – it’s not working anymore; you aren’t the same person, you changed; we have nothing in common and blah blahhhhh….

Are these words somewhere pinching or stopping you from moving forward? 

You are not alone, my dear; many girls go through heart-broken on a daily note. 

Things like these are hard to deal with; they may make you feel different and frustrating. Maybe you start behaving weirdly and getting anger at small-small things. People surrounding you seem to bite you. 

Probably you feel lonely even when surrounded by family and friends. You love spending time alone and feeling deep-down heartbroken. It says it’s time to rebuild your power and say goodbye to your ex. You can do it, take a long deep breath, move your body, and do what you love!!

I know dealing with a broken heart is exhausting; one needs to be brave, kind and needs emotional support. 

If I talk about myself, I, too, have gone through a heartbreak. Trust me, recovering from it and reminiscing all your lost energy is a time-consuming process. But, once you decide to leave your past and move on with a smiling face, trust me, you will feel a different energy and power within yourself. It’s a sign of goodwill. 

I was in a three-year-long relationship. Everything was going on beautifully until he met her (the reason for the breakup). And then, things changed, happiness became sorrow, joy was lost, and quality time got replaced with stupid issues and arguments. There were times; he used to lie just to meet her. And, to cover one lie, a blanket of deception emerged. 

Then one fine day, we mutually decided to separate and ended our so-called healthy, loving relationship. It was tough for me at that time, but I knew everything would become healthy and peaceful one day. “Standing again and focusing on your goals and following your passion are the things that helped me get going. And today, I’m proud of where I’m standing and what I’ve achieved.

It has given me the courage to opt for the better things for myself. 

Today, I’m so thankful that you left me….. Thanks for being the best and worse damn decision.

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