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Why Van Life Is Becoming So Popular

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If you are the kind of person that loves adventure and being on the move, then the idea of caravanning frequently will entice you.

Some people are into this lifestyle so much that they have moved away from ordinary living and even adopted van life as it makes it easy for them to transition whenever they want to be on the go. But is this sustainable or even practical?

While there may be a lot of reviews and opinions around it, one thing is clear, and that is the fact that more people are choosing van life today than they did a few years back. Why is this so?

This article explores and uncovers this sudden interest and rise in such lifestyle choices to shed more light on why it is increasingly becoming something many people want to do.

Comes with A lot of Freedom

Nothing surprises us anymore with the current generation that is always willing and ready to try new things. It is almost as if there is no restraint or anything to worry about.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is left of you to decide. But it is not surprising that more people choose to buy a new static caravan and get on the move even without thinking for a few weeks about it. Some young people today make such decisions spontaneously as long as it promises them some level of freedom. It is even more dramatic if they feel caged and with no freedom.  

Van life may have its challenges, and it may even cost money to sustain it, not to mention the inconveniences of foul odor due to the cramped space, but the fact that it offers users a lot of freedom to do whatever they want is more enticing. Many people who choose this path are willing to sacrifice some of the comforts they would enjoy in the typical setup where they have to have an eight to five job, pay rent on time, and cater for basic amenities. 

Usually, van life is not this restricted, and one can manage their lifestyle without having anyone breathing down their necks. I believe this is one of the most exciting motivations about it all. It is perfect for nomads at heart since they don’t have to accumulate stuff since everything they need is at the back of their van.

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It is Relatively Affordable

Don’t get me wrong; van life is not entirely free because it costs money to be on the road. After all, you still need to eat and survive even as you wander around in your van. However, it is not as expensive as maintaining a residential apartment or home.

It can be a great way to survive on a budget. However, don’t mistake this as a chance to quit your job or live a reckless life, hoping you have escaped primary responsibilities. While it is true that you may have skipped constant utility bills and recurrent rent costs, you still need to feed yourself and take care of other basic needs. 

The only gain is keeping these expenses as low as you want since life on the move is not as demanding financially as living in a rental apartment. The cost is even lower if you are living in a static van and not moving around. If this sounds like something you could do, then, by all means, go for it.

Definitely a Cheap Way to See the Country

There are numerous other ways to choose to see your country, including going by plane and even considering bus tours. However, all these cost money. Whether you take trains or select other means of transport, none will beat caravanning. Your van affords you the possibility of saving more cash that would have otherwise been spent paying for accommodation and other basic amenities. 

When you travel in your van, you only have to pay entrance fees where necessary and still get to enjoy the same sites that tourists that came in via the expensive means do. If you consider traveling on a budget or do a country tour, then caravanning is the way. It is even better if the van is yours to keep.

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No One Hurries You

Many people miss out on the best spots during their travel because they have to rush and keep up with a set schedule. This can rob you of the actual natural experience of a new place you visit. Traveling in your van is relieving and refreshing since you do things at your own pace. No travel agents are forcing you to hurry up as they fit everything in their itinerary. 

van life

What’s more, the van allows you to tour the different spots you are interested in for as long as you want. Interestingly, if you live and work from the van, you can combine your traveling hobby with your daily lifestyle and enjoy the best of both worlds. You will enjoy the fact that you get to change your home base every time you are interested in moving.

Helps You Become Self Reliant and Live with Less

Many people struggle with accumulating things, some that they don’t even need. This kind of hoarding and holding onto things is not possible when living in a van. The space itself is already restricted, which means that you get to declutter now and then. You only keep what you truly need and not what you necessarily need. This practice allows you to live a rich life that is almost always stress-free since you do not have to worry about storage needs. 

You may even discover that you are happier since you learn to live a day at a time. In the end, you know to be a self-reliant person because you have to do most of the things yourself instead of relying on machinery or things to assist. It is a great way to teach yourself some independence if you need it.

Final Thoughts

Van life is increasingly gaining popularity, especially among the young people in society, for many reasons. Many feel that it offers them the freedom to live an authentic life free from the shackles and pressures of ordinary living. Others believe that is the path to true liberation, affordable living, and self-reliance.

For others, this is an excellent choice to form a community of like-minded people who live by similar ideals, not to mention that they get to try and learn new things since every day is an exciting adventure. 

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