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5 Myths About One Day Weed Delivery Services

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Barely two years ago, doorstep marijuana delivery in Canada was merely a wish among cannabis consumers in the country. Government-run cannabis stores in each province had the exclusive right to sell weed online and conduct deliveries via Post Canada, taking 3-5 business days to fulfill an order.

Thankfully, weed delivery in Canada is now almost as accessible, fast, and efficient as pizza delivery, with Black Rabbit weed delivery offering some of the best same-day delivery services. Unfortunately, numerous misconceptions surrounding one-day delivery prevent consumers from enjoying such services. 

In this article, we debunk 5 retrogressive myths to allow you to make informed consumer choices.

1. Same-day Weed Delivery Is Expensive

A  consumer survey revealed that 65% of consumers prioritize fast delivery and willingly pay additional charges to expedite order deliveries. However, some consumers avoid selecting same-day weed delivery when shopping for weed online because they presume the service is costly. Others believe that delivery services charge exorbitant delivery fees to widen their profit margins.

Myths About One Day Weed Delivery Services

However, the above notions are misleading because although one-day delivery costs more than postal delivery or expedited delivery, the charges facilitate quick movement. The prices largely depend on your location, so buying weed from reputable online dispensaries closest to you is advisable. The fees are also flexible as some consumers are comfortable paying a “rush fee” to receive their order within two hours. 

Generally, same-day delivery can cost as low as CA$7, depending on the service provider’s resources, your location, and the same-day delivery service type you select. However, most delivery service providers lower delivery fees for bulk purchases or waive the fees altogether. Therefore, it is prudent to learn your options before dismissing same-day delivery services as overpriced; the convenience is also worth the cost.

2. Only Notable Global Logistics Companies Can Handle Same-day Deliveries

Some consumers are dismissive of courier services and their capacity to fulfill orders, so they instead use Post Canada. While there is nothing wrong with Post Canada’s delivery services, you will have to wait at least a day before receiving your order. Moreover, the postal service ceased doorstep delivery as part of their contribution to fight COVID-19; instead, consumers collect their weed orders from the nearest post office.

However, the courier services that partner with weed delivery service providers are perfectly capable of fulfilling same-day order deliveries. The leading advantage courier companies have over global logistics companies, and postal services is flexibility. 

Besides delivery trucks, they also utilize alternative transport modes like motorcycles and bicycles that don’t get caught up in traffic. Second, courier services can make on-demand deliveries rather than waiting to fill a truck with orders. 

Same-day weed delivery services only enlist courier services that comply with cannabis transportation requirements stipulated in the Cannabis Act. The courier services must also comply with cannabis packaging and labeling requirements, facilitating discretion, product safety, and child protection. Therefore, they have the resources to meet legal obligations and deliver safe cannabis products to your doorstep within a day.

3. All Same-day Delivery Services Are Equal

Some consumers presume that since weed delivery services generally offer a similar service, the service quality is also equal; however, that is not always the case. For starters, different delivery services vary in their capacity to deliver packages across varying distances, so some restrict same-day services to particular area codes.

Myths About One Day Weed Delivery Services

Additionally, different weed delivery services also use custom systems and software to process orders and monitor logistics. They also have business-specific returns and exchange policies and unique order-tracking systems. Some are more flexible, offering rush deliveries, while for others, your order will arrive when it arrives. 

Therefore, besides price, conduct due diligence on same-day delivery service providers and only choose licensed service providers with a good track record. 

4. Same-day Delivery Services Are Unreliable

Cannabis consumers prefer same-day delivery for the unparalleled convenience the service offers. However, some cannabis consumers have had horrible delivery experiences after shopping online. But while there may be one or two bad service providers, reputable delivery service providers value positive customer experiences and satisfaction. They strive to create long-standing reputations on timeliness and reliability as follows.

For instance, they also have order-tracking security features in compliance with cannabis regulations to give consumers peace of mind. They also offer delivery guarantees, have minimal complaints about orders damaged in transit, and readily offer reparations for undelivered or damaged orders.

Most weed delivery services also fulfill deliveries during weekends and public holidays. However, under unique circumstances like weather restrictions and unusually heavy traffic, orders may delay slightly. 

5. Same-day Delivery Services Are Illegal

As earlier stated, government-run cannabis dispensaries had exclusive rights to weed delivery services until the pandemic struck. Most provinces only authorized private sector weed delivery services after the Canadian government deemed the cannabis industry essential.

Misconceptions about same-day delivery’s legality arise from varying cannabis laws in different provinces. For instance, some provincial governments permit weed delivery by delivery services within their jurisdictions yet prohibit dispensaries outside their jurisdiction from offering deliveries within their jurisdiction. Therefore, establishing weed delivery regulations in your province will empower you to make lawful purchasing decisions.


Same-day weed delivery is a convenience worth enjoying. However, understand weed delivery legislation in your area code and conduct due diligence on delivery service providers to make the best of same-day delivery.

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