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How Can A Non-Smoker Start Vaping

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Are you a non-smoker who wants to start vaping? Well, it seems like you recently got so much interest in vaping. You know what? We have plenty of vaping enthusiasts like you. Thus, we can entirely understand the curiosity which you’re having right now. And, we are ready to quench your thirst to get this knowledge. We have a quick guide prepared for you.

There’re many chances that you may have heard about vaping from your friends, family, or the internet. Also, you may have many people you know who vape. Are they all non-smokers? You should know that there are millions of people around the globe who are die-hard fans of vaping. Vaping has reached the hearts of people everywhere in the world. Well, we can’t neglect this growth of vaping. There are no chances that a fun thing that is so exciting and refreshing remains unnoticed by the people. We entirely agree when people claim the soothing effects of vaping. It’s true that once you feel the magic of vaping, you won’t want to resist it again. Vaping has become a pro thing nowadays.

It is well evident that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Not just this, many people even use vaping as an alternative to smoking because of its fewer side effects. Other than this, vaping drives the attention of many users because of its instant working. It is one of the many benefits of vaping that it instantly transfers whatever you vape directly to your lungs. It’s the fastest way by which your bloodstreams can absorb things.

Shifting to vaping isn’t that hard for smokers. But, when you’re a non-smoker, it may take some time for you to become accustomed to vaping. You will need the best guide that can help you get through it. A guide that will help you know everything you need to know about vaping, and neglecting this guide can be proven harmful to your vaping experience and your health. 

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Keeping that in mind, let’s get started-

Why should I opt for vaping?

The world is having an endless discussion revolving around vaping and non-smokers since vaping got its fame. Let’s first know why you should opt for vaping-

1. Therapeutic benefits-

While a part of the world is witnessing the harms of smoking, another part relishes the benefits of vaping. Vaping gives you the same relaxing experience which smoking provides to its users. It’s just a better way to experience. It’ll help you maintain higher control of breathing which will further lead to meditative breathing rhythms. It will also improve your anxiety, depression, and stress level.

2. Social benefits-

Although vaping gives you a moment to yourself (that is, detached from the world), it can also help you become social. Yes, that’s right. As we know, vaping is no less than a social activity. People gather together at pubs, parties, and social gatherings to make the most of vaping together.

3. Tasty and enjoyable-

Vaping is more enjoyable, especially for non-smoker users. By the way, do you know about the multiple flavors available in vape juices? There are so many options available. You can choose from an immense range of flavors like fruity vape juices, creamy vape juice, tobacco flavor juice, etc. It will take years for you to try them all. So, which will you choose?

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Things to keep in mind before vaping-

Here’s a quick guide for our non-smoker users before vaping-

1. Selecting your first e-cig-

People find it easier to light up cigarettes than an e-cig. It takes longer to vape. You must choose your first vaping device rightly because your vaping experience highly depends on it. Select one which matches your preferences and suits your body. For instance, pre-filled pod e-cigs are easier to use. They even demand barely low maintenance. However, we find disposable vape devices the easiest to use.

You are a beginner, so you should first opt for a vape device, which is easy to use and demands low maintenance. It’ll most probably provide you the same satisfaction as others. It entirely depends on your preferences. E-cigs are of two categories, which are- pre-filled e-cigs and refillable e-cigs.

The difference between them is that pre-filled e-cigs have a cartridge or a pod. While on the other hand, refillable e-cigs have tanks instead of a pod or a cartridge. Pod e-cigs are easier to maintain and use, while refillable e-cigs are more cost-effective and capable of long-term use. We always recommend using a simple starter kit for yourself if you’re a beginner. It will help you make your vaping experience soothing, satisfying, easier, and discreet. So, which type of vape device will you choose? Will it be a pod e-cig or a refillable e-cig?

2. Selecting the right vape juice for you-

The two most important things to consider when choosing a vape juice are its flavor and nicotine content.

  • If you vape one to five times a day, you should choose a vape juice with around 6 mg/ml, which means 0.6% nicotine.
  • If you vape five to fifteen times a day, you should choose a vape juice with around 10 mg/ml, which means 1.0% nicotine.
  • If you vape fifteen to twenty times a day, you should choose a vape juice with around 14 mg/ml, which means 1.4% nicotine.
  • And, if you vape more than twenty times a day, you should choose a vape juice with around 18 mg/ml, which means 1.8% nicotine content.

As you’re a beginner, you should start with lower or no nicotine strength. Selecting the flavor is the best as well as the most confusing to do. Yes, it’s the toughest because there are so many exciting flavors that you won’t want to choose only one.

Most vape users find the flavor of the vape juice the most enjoyable part (we too). You should, first, try a single simple flavor that matches your taste.

3. Be careful about throat hit-

As we suggested, you should go for low or zero nicotine vape juice, or it can be proven harmful for you. It may make your first vaping experience harsh on your throat. It can even make you cough. Besides this, always remember to take tiny hits first and try avoiding deep inhales.

So now, you know how you can start vaping. Remembering these things can help you make the most of your vaping experience. And, neglecting them may make you suffer. So, try vaping today. All the best and happy vaping! Stay tuned for more. 

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