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Why Horse Needs CBD More Than You

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Humans started wandering the earth million years ago. Many things evolved; technology came around. The distances between civilizations reduced, and the time taken to travel decreased. We shifted from eating primitive food products to complicated ones.

One course meal, two-course meals, three-course meals, we are almost spoiled for choices. The way we do our business has changed too. Earlier in the day, we used to have a barter system that involved exchanging products. In the modern-day, people can buy products online. It can happen within an instance with a click.

What has not changed is our reliance on animals for our daily needs. Be it on the farm, traveling purpose, and even use them for our businesses. We used animals for the same things, in ancient times too. Animals like Horses, Bulls, and Donkeys were used through travel routes to trade products.

Horses are one of the best friends of humans in the animal kingdom. We use them on the farms, for transportation, and even races. One could hardly imagine ancient times without horses, as they were one of the most reliable modes of transport. The modern age sure introduced vehicles, but horses are still a reliable way to move goods from one place to another for many.

In modern times, the lives of humans have gotten more complicated. Automobiles, industries are good for revenue but do cause pollution at the same time. It leads to more diseases related to the skin, lungs, and many other critical body parts. Often ignored are the animals, which share the same environment as ours.

We have modern-day medicines to save us, but animals are less lucky. There are several lingering diseases in the animals, which can be due to air and other types of pollution. They are related to skin, ear infections, breathing problems, and various heart disorders.

Some common diseases in Horses

Horses are one of the most widely used animals in the human world. They help travel and transport goods from one place to another. Unfortunately, it also leaves them exposed to the harmful environment outside.

Some of the common problems in horses are as follows-

  • Arthritis- The disease of Arthritis is common in horses as they run pretty fast. The speed is beneficial for the riders but not so for the horses. The momentum causes an increase in the impact energy, damaging the limbs in various parts of the body. It weakens their bones and decreases their speed as well.
  • Gastric Ulcers- Irregular diet, improper digestion can lead to many digestive problems in horses as well. Over a long time, the horse can develop irregular bowel movements, affecting its daily functioning.
  • Laminitis- The hectic daily movements around the place can cause the feet of your horse to hurt. Adding a dysfunctional hoof to the feet only worsens the problem. It can increase the pain further, causing pain to the limbs of the horse.

The other prevalent diseases among horses are Colic, a form of abdominal pain, inflamed ligaments, and many more.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is what CBD stands for, which originates from the leaves of the Sativa plant. The plant is quite famous in the Asian continent. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia have a tropical climate, which is perfect for the growth of this plant.

The Sativa plant is a member of the big cannabis plant family, with more than 15 types of plants. CBD-Based products have THC, Hemp, and other binding ingredients. The content of THC is less than 0.3%, which makes CBD for sale federally approved across the United States of America. It means that the distribution and consumption of CBD can take place in most states of the country.

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CBD-Based products are available in many varieties like Tinctures, Gummies, natural and organic vaping products, Oil, and many more. The vast range appeals to varying sections of the consumer base within the country. Be it senior citizens, college-going adults, or the working population in the country. CBD Oil is a product that is multipurpose and can be handy for animals as well. The packaging containers come with a dripper on the top of the container, which helps feed the animals. The drops are sweet and liked by the animals. Some tend to use CBD premium treats for their favorite animals.

In the animal kingdom, dogs, cats, and horses are some animals that like consuming Cannabidiol-Based products. It is one reason CBD is known as the wonder drug of the past decades, as it is multipurpose.

How can CBD help your horse?

Cannabidiol-Based products have several constituents. It includes Hemp extract, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and other binding ingredients. The ingredients form a perfect blend with the blood of the horse and help it in the following ways-

  • The Hemp in the Cannabidiol-Based products mixes with the bloodstream and reduces the inflammation caused by the regular movements in the limbs. The effects of relief are often instant in horses, as they decrease the pain in the limbs.
  • The binding ingredients of Cannabidiol-Based products have an enzyme that eases the digestion system of the horse. It softens the coverings of the intestine and helps them digest food at a faster rate. It reduces the problem of gastric ulcers and improves the overall health of the horse.
  • Cannabidiol-Based products have Hemp extract and THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol), which have pain-killing properties. Applying CBD oil directly on the feet of the horse reduces the lingering pain. It helps the horse to relax and reduces the pain instantly. Usage over a long time ensures that the pain is less and does not trouble the daily functioning of the horse. It can treat Laminitis, which is a common problem in horses.

Several vets also recommend Cannabidiol-Based products for several injuries like Colic, Inflamed ligaments for horses. Strict supervision is required, as horses are prone to overeating.


Cannabidiol-Based products are a member of the large marijuana market in the United States of America. The unique selling point of CBD-Based products is that they have no short/long-term side effects. The trait sets it apart from the other marijuana and chemical-based products in the market. They are handy for humans and animals as well.

With time, the pollution in the environment will only increase. Therefore, they will require more care towards the animals around us. Many of us already take good care of our pets, but the attention needs to turn to the animals, which are not typical.

Cannabidiol-Based products can be a key in this regard as they are organic. The clinical trials prove their efficacy as well within affordable rates.

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