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3 Nutritional Supplements That You Should Consider Taking

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Staying at home during 2020 was Boring. Yes, that’s boring with a capital “B.”

If you found yourself laying around, eating junk, and not exercising, you weren’t alone. The various lockdowns of 2020 caused us to neglect our health in ways we wouldn’t usually.

2021 is all about getting healthy again. Taking vitamins won’t fix all your problems overnight, but they can help. If you’re ready to be strong, happy, and healthy, you need to know which nutritional supplement may be right for you and the benefits you can expect. 

Read on for your guide to the best multi-vitamins to take. 

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

The sun is the most important natural source of vitamin D. A daily dose of sunshine will do wonders for your vitamin D levels. But, no matter where you are in the world, there’s likely to be months with low levels of sunlight months of the year.

Some of us are more lacking in sunlight than others, but vitamin D deficiency isn’t uncommon. If you aren’t spending a significant portion of your day outside absorbing the UV rays, it’s time to take vitamin D. 

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If you want to find out your vitamin D status, you can do a finger prick test and send it off for analysis. It’s easy to take too much vitamin D in a supplement, so make sure you read the instructions on the packet and consult a physician before taking it. 

2. Prebiotics and Probiotics

Whereas other areas of nutrition are contested, the importance of gut health is widely accepted. Our gut is full of bacteria that help with our digestion and have a direct connection to our brain. 

If you eat junk food, you’ll nurture bacteria in the gut that may cause adverse symptoms. On the other hand, prebiotics and probiotics are the food the good bacteria need to grow and survive in the gut. 

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Think of probiotics as the seeds you plant in a garden and the prebiotics as the water you give to the seeds. By taking supplements with pre and probiotics, you’ll end up with a diverse, healthy range of bacteria in your gut. 

3. Nootropics

Nootropics are a cognitive enhancer that helps regulate your dopamine levels. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of alertness, improving focus, reducing inflammation, and regulating mood. 

When you’re using nootropics, it’s best to start slow and get the advice of a physician first. Nootropics can vary from over-the-counter natural supplements to pharmaceutical-controlled medications. 

The benefits of nootropics include increased focus, better physical performance, increased creativity and decreased stress.  

Invest in a Nutritional Supplement Today

Next time you’re shopping online for vitamins, these are the three vitamin supplements you should keep in mind. 

Whether it’s a vitamin D, pre and probiotics, or nootropic nutritional supplement, there’s value in investing in a good one. Make sure you buy from a reputable company with good reviews, and you’ll see your health and happiness soar. 

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