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5 Ways to Boost Your Positivity and Energy Every Single Day

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Keeping your energy up and cultivating positive thoughts is not always easy, especially when you’re tapped out, sick, had a fight with your partner, or just had a stinky day in general. Here are 5 ingredients for success that will boost your positivity and energy each and every day. 

1. Gratitude Journal

The proverbial magic wand really is an attitude of gratitude. What better way to cultivate a habit of positivity than by intentionally practicing it every day? Keep track of the things you’re grateful for in a Gratitude Journal or on your device. No journal or device on hand? No problem. Say them silently in your head, out loud, or share them with a friend. Gratitude is often the answer to self-destructive thoughts like complaining, criticizing, blaming, worrying, playing the victim, or exaggerating differences between you and others. 

2. List of Victories


This is a technique I often recommend to coaching clients. In it, record all the work, school, family, and personal things you’ve accomplished daily or weekly, no matter how big or small. Stressed out and took the time to do a quick workout or play your guitar? Went through a list of emails clogging up your Inbox? Please put it on the list. Did it take time to help your partner clean up the kitchen or closets? Put it on the list.

On days you’re feeling down, refer to the list. This helps combat self-doubt or the feeling that nobody believes in you. What’s more, your list gently produces more compassion, patience, and love – for yourself and others. 

3. Eat the right kinds of foods

The right kinds of food provide you with sustained energy, while the wrong kinds of foods make you feel bloated, uncomfortable, and lethargic. While it’s become common sense to keep junk food to a minimum and focus on getting more fruits and vegetables, there’s still a lot of conflicting information about the “right kinds of foods.” To avoid overcomplicating things, first, pay attention to your gut. Use that as a guide to the state of your health. If your tummy and gut are not feeling good, don’t ignore them. Stop consuming those foods, consume them less, ask for help, or investigate further. Own it. Own yourself. 

4. Practice good spiritual health


There are powerful and deeply spiritual activities that not only energize you and keep you positive; they feed the soul and body. Things like meditation and prayer. Spirituality does not necessarily involve religion. Rather, it’s about shared and deeply held beliefs. They also develop your resilience and offer a healthy escape, confidence boost, and a sense of peace when you badly need it. 

5. KISS – Keep It Simple Silly

Staying positive and energetic is not a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing thing. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, keep the acronym KISS in mind: Keep It Simple Silly. Step back and consider your emotional, physical, and spiritual habits…and your power over them.

Add or tweak items, integrating more practices over time. When your needs change, adjust accordingly. And remember, quitting won’t speed things up.

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Vindy teja
Vindy Teja is no stranger to hacking her way back to happiness. She’s a proud single parent, TEDx Speaker, Professional Life & Divorce Coach, and Author. She’s a graduate of UBC and Western Law School. Following her call to the bar, Vindy discovered her coaching passion as Career Development Director at Western Law School. Along with many joys and successes, she’s dealt with serious setbacks and challenges, not to mention pesky self-doubts. The result? Her book YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness, a practical and meaningful dive into deconstructing happiness, and an anthology in which she is co-author: Passed Down From Mom: A Collection of Inspiring Stories About Moms & Motherhood.

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