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10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

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With the shift to working from home, our work environments have changed drastically; and, there are many ways to successfully adjust to, remain productive, and keep ourselves healthy during this time of change.

As we enjoy this new norm of working from home, we are sharing with you the tips that will allow you to stay healthy and productive in your new work environment. 

1. Set a start time for work

Getting on a schedule can be really helpful in staying productive. Setting a start time for your work can keep you accountable for getting going in the morning and get you into a routine. 

2. Have a morning routine

10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Having a routine has been shown to have a wide range of positive effects on us. Some of these include better stress levels, sleep, and overall physical health. Your morning routine can include a journal entry, yoga session, coffee on your patio, 30 minutes of listening to your favorite sports radio channel — whatever empowers you to feel good and get going early in the morning. 

3. Schedule some breaks!

It’s easy to get in the zone and just grind through tasks; but, to avoid burnout, do schedule breaks throughout the day to get outside, read, or just close your screen for a bit. This survey shows that scheduling breaks throughout the day can increase job engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. 

4. Set a time to stop working

As work moves home, set an end time to your working day. Reserve evening hours for your personal life and to do the things you enjoy. Whether you’re working full time or part-time, you deserve some time to enjoy your personal life and stop working!

5. Create a designated space for your work

No one talks about this one, but setting up a designated and enjoyable workspace is so important! Whether you need plants, your favorite coffee mug, some sticky notes with affirmations, or simply a nice pen, make sure you’re adding things to your space that you love. This will help up your mood throughout the day and push you to get things done.

6. Don’t feel pressure to work past the workday

Say it with me: I don’t need to respond to emails at 8 pm. This goes along with our other tip of having a set time to finish up your work. Setting times designated to work helps a ton with work-life balance and will force you to optimize during set work hours. Don’t feed into the pressure to be over-productive and work during non-work hours; you’ll thank yourself in the long run. 

7. Invest in self-care

10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Self-care can mean something different to everyone. Whether you take care of yourself by doing a face mask, reading a book, meditating, watching your favorite sports highlights, or sitting in your hammock is up to you — just be sure to invest in yourself by doing things that help you feel good.

8. Remember to eat three meals

Many of us are guilty of getting in our zone while working and forgetting to take some time to eat and enjoy our meals. Set aside some time for breakfast and lunch throughout your workday rather than just snacking at your desk. This will help you keep your body fueled throughout your day. 

9. Socialize with your colleagues, even if it’s remotely

It’s easy to start to feel lonely or isolated as we make the change to working from home — especially for those of us who are extroverts. Find some time during the week to connect with your colleagues either in-person or through a video call just to chat. Discuss how your week is going, fun plans you have coming up, anything not work-related. Nurturing your relationships with coworkers during these times can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. 

Practice scheduling weekly wellness meetings. This way, your entire staff has the opportunity to chat, build relationships, and check-in with other colleagues during work hours. It makes a huge difference in work culture and helps you feel more connected to your company. 

10. Work some physical activity into your daily routine

Working physical activity into your daily routine can have a ton of benefits. Some of these benefits include feeling happy, increased energy, lower risk of chronic health problems, improved brain health, and improved skin health. Daily physical activity has some great effects on our overall mental and physical health. 

While the shift to working from home can be new and challenging to navigate, practice some of our tips to make the transition successful — both personally and professionally. 

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