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Things To Never Do, Immediately After Moving-in With Your Partner

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With each step, we take toward getting more severe with our partners, behaviours and certain habits change. This is not unusual or strange. It is only because your partner trusts you more and is willing to share more bits and pieces of behavioural traits that define him/her. Either ugly or flattering, it can be anything.

These can be gestures like: he took the trash out for you every time he stayed over at your place, but as soon as you move in with him, trash duty goes on your to-do list.

Behaviours, habits, and the things we do every single day can be pleasing to us, but it can also annoy someone else, who isn’t used to these quirks as yet.

How do you prevent stepping on anyone’s toes the first week you move in with him/her?

Never barge in to do your own thing immediately

Things To Never Do, Immediately After Moving-in With Your Partner

In the old days, as soon as you married, it was the woman’s job to make the house a home. Nowadays, this trend is no longer a must. Men can be homemakers, as well. Some people like things done in a certain way, and some prefer things just the way they already are.

If you move in, always wait to see what does he/she like to do and how is it done? If someone says, feel free and be at home, figure out what being at home really means.

Whether it’s not putting your glass down on that mahogany table without a coaster or leaving the lights on when you go to bed, these little nuances always give cause for little fits of frustration leading to anger, eventually.

Don’t dictate your own views first- observing is key

Watching and listening to what your partner does at his/her home will help you learn his/her likes and habits. For example; If she likes the bathroom cleaned after you use it. Suppose he likes to have a cup of tea before breakfast.

These will get you a star…and, even some rewards. You don’t smash through anything, being in a relationship means compromising and working around a lot of things.

Never rearrange in the first week unless you’ve been asked to.

Things To Never Do, Immediately After Moving-in With Your Partner

Sometimes we all hate that stupid naked painting in the hallway. Or that ugly brown couch in the living room.

However, if we change things and start rearranging as soon as we move in, our partner’s red flags go up. He/she gets angry and overreacts. We may never know what has sentimental value until we ask or do the wrong thing.

Remember, it never helps to make your partner angry as soon as you move in. So wait, learn, and then ask before trying to make any major changes.

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