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Relationships Are Like Wine: Everything You Need to Know

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Who knew that the sweet indulgence of wine could tell you so much about your relationship? Your relationship with your favourite wine can reveal so many things about your relationship.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you know that every year, Independent wine awards are held with top wine experts who blind taste close to 17,000 wines every year.

About 4164 Silver and 7376 Decanter Bronze Medals were given out in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2019.

Coming back to relationships and wine, here’s everything you need to know about the wine that matches your relationship.

Sparkling Wine: The Party Lovers

Like parties and celebrations are incomplete without bubbly sparkling wines, all celebrations are incomplete without you and your partner. As a couple, you both are free-spirited, fun, chirpy, and never say no to a dance. People love to be around you, and you are in the spotlight of every celebration. People also consider you as the most happening couple in town.

Red Wine: The Passionate Duo

Red wine is the classic wine that is an old-time favourite. It is the darkest of wines, which makes it so intense that it brings out a passion of its own. Red wine symbolizes the classic yet fierce blend of love, which is hard to do without. The romance between you and your partner is so intense that you both can’t keep your hands off each other. The passion between you both is unmatched.

Pinot Noir: The Mysterious Twosome

You both look like you’ve come straight out of a mysterious novel. You two keep your relationship under the curtains and are still trying to figure things out. Public Display of Affection isn’t your thing. Your relationship is as mysterious as the tea-leaf, cherry, and cola flavours of the Pinot Noir. You want to enjoy the flavours of your relationship slowly and tread carefully. However, Pinot Noir is also known for causing disasters and is called the ‘heartbreak grape,’ so beware.

Riesling Wine: The Soulmates

Riesling grapes are mostly grown in rocky soil, which makes their wine better than ever. As this wine ages, this wine becomes sweeter. Similarly, you as a couple have gone through some rough patches, but as time passes, you both come out stronger than ever. Seeing how sincere and hardworking you both are, people call you the ideal couple or even soulmates. There’s no other wine that matches your relationship than a Riesling wine.

Rosé: The Trendy Duo

Rosé is one of the trendiest wines and is all about freshness. You, as a couple, are all about trend. You both know about the most happening parties, the best restaurants, trendiest outfits, and whatnot. Both of you can predict things even before they turn into a trend. You never go out of style, and people follow you to stay in trend. 

Zinfandel: The Hipster Couple

Zinfandel is one of the oldest variety of grapes which has a smoky yet sweet and jammy taste to it. It’s a combination that was loved even before it became cool. As a bohemian couple, you are both free-spirited and love to do things without caring, whether it’s cool. Zinfandel is one of the most underrated wines and is yet a classic combination. It is synonymous with how people don’t appreciate you at first but become your best friends once they get to know you better.

Cabernet Sauvignon: The Down To Earth People

Cabernet Sauvignon has a combination of daring and earthly flavours of herbs, olives, black cherries, and bell peppers, making you feel so close to earth just with the first sip. People around you connect with you instantly and call you down to earth. As a couple, you both are loyal and don’t refrain from taking risks together. People who drink Cabernet Sauvignon are loyal drinkers and don’t switch easily, similar to how you both don’t see anything beyond each other.

So which wine matches your relationship? Are you the Mysterious Ones, The Trendy Duo, or The Party Lovers? Now that you know your relationship type through these wines grab the perfect bottle and go on a beautiful date with your partner. 

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