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Party At Home? Try These 5 Interesting Drinks That You Can Make With Few Ingredients

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After a long hectic work week, you need to spend the weekend cooling down and spending it with your close ones in your safe space. Is your love language a party language?

If yes, we know what you need to lose yourself to the beats and rejuvenate yourself if it is. Create the perfect refreshments to serve your guests. Get the best things available for the ideal drink. The way to your guest’s heart is through your drinks menu.

For making the best drinks, you will need the best quality ingredients. Try having fresh lime, mint, and fresh ingredients for the best results, and use premium tonic water

Dodd’s Gin and Light Tonic


If you’re a purist, this drink is definitely for you. Leave the sweetness on your lips with the sweet aftertaste of the drink. You will need 50ml of Dodd’s Gin, a sprig of Rosemary, and 100ml of premium tonic water. Pour the cold gin into a frosted glass with the tonic. Now, add some ice to it and add the sprig of Rosemary. Let your hotness cool down with this coolness. This is perfect for you to beat the summer heat. 

Bitter Lemon Tonic and Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz

If you like Sangria, you will definitely like this one. It has a summery taste with an acidic tone cutting through the sweetness and spice. Four Pillars unique Shiraz is made by soaking Shiraz grapes in gin for eight weeks and then adding that with Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin. Cool 50ml of that, along with 100ml of bitter lemon tonic. Have an orange wedge handy for garnishing. Fill your tumbler with ice and add the gin and bitter lemon tonic. Now add your orange wedge on top as a garnish. Wow, your guests with bartending skills and relish in all the praises.

Animus Arboretum and Dirty Tonic


You will need 50ml of Animus Arboretum Gin, 100ml of Strange Love Dirty Tonic Water, and a twist of lemon peel. Once again, cool everything down, pour the gin into the glass, and pour the tonic. Garnish it with a lemon peel, and enjoy your cold drink. Enjoy your drink on an extended summer evening with your friends by your side. It gives a herbaceous taste that will make you crave it even more with its complex yet sophisticated flavor. It will make your taste buds force you for more.

Pro tip: Make more than one drink for yourself and serve your cravings first.

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Strangelove Dark and Stormy

You will need 60ml Brix Spiced Rum, 180ml of StrangeLove Hot Ginger Beer, one muddled lime wedge, and a dehydrated slice of lime. Now put a lime wedge in a glass and muddle it (smack it with a stick). Pour the Brix Spiced Rum in it and add the StrangeLove Hote Ginger Beer and stir it carefully. Add some ice to it and garnish it with dehydrated lime slices. Do not let your guests think any less of you. Wing it if you need to but show your best. There is nothing wrong with some well-deserved praises.

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The Smoking Barrel

Pour 45ml of spiced rum into a glass and add ice to it. Squeeze two lime wedges in that, fill it with Strangelove Smoked Cola and mix it all like you mixed your drinks in college days. Experience the madness on your lips and get lost in its groove. Its smoky taste is a perfect partner for your spicy friends and your inner devil. Let your devil cause turmoil because this drink is worth it. 

Make the most out of every party with your signature drinks. However, if this is a party for one, make sure that you bring your A-game because you deserve your love and care the most. You have worked hard, and you deserve all the time off and extra care, even if it is from you. Always remember, self-love is one of the purest forms of love.

Pro tip: Try making only your drinks with that extra oomph. Otherwise, you will turn into a bartender at every party. 

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