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The Ultimate Guide to Decor Your Meditation Room

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Meditation is the process of uniting one’s body with its Soul using the mind as the mediator/catalyst. So, basically, it is the union of three vital elements, “mind, body and soul,” which can lead to supreme control over everything connected to life.

Remember, if your body and mind are not synchronized, you cannot connect to your true self, i.e., your Soul. Further, discover the true self is vital to discover your destiny. So, the harmonization of these vital elements is the key to self-discovery and true success in life. Meditation is the simplest but very effective way of achieving this.

Those who master meditation can free themselves from physical, mental, or psychological blockages and re-direct their life towards the way they wish.

Importance of Meditation Room/Space

In order to achieve the desired outcome through meditation, regular practice is required. Apart from practice, the Meditation space/room plays a vital role in the success of the meditation process. Especially when you are a novice in your meditation journey.

No matter the number of hours you put into meditation every day, if the surrounding ambience is not supportive of your concentration, then it fails your practice. Remember, the very purpose of meditation is the “Focus of Mind” to synchronize your body and Soul.

Meditation is the best mind decluttering tool. Also, the best way to connect your decluttered mind to your body so that your body, too, can be decluttered effectively. So, it’s important to declutter our Meditation Room before we can start with the meditation process.

That’s why the importance of Meditation Space should never be overlooked or ignored unless you become a true monk or master who is able to cut off its mind from the outside world no matter the ambience. But, till the time that happens, you must focus on a few important aspects of the Meditation Room in order to get focused on your meditation skills.

Why ambience of Meditation Room/Space matters?

The Ultimate Guide to Decor Your Meditation Room

Meditation aims at the union of our Body, Mind, and Soul, the mind being the mediator. In order to connect to our true self i.e., our Soul, we must control the various elements of our Body and Mind. These elements are nothing but our various senses, which play an important role in whether we succeed or fail in our pursuit of meditation.

It’s obvious that our senses are directly linked to ambience around us. That’s why the role of ambience/environment comes into play when we choose any place for meditation. A good ambience facilitates our mind to connect our body and Soul while a bad one disrupts and diverts our mind away from focus.

Role of Five senses in meditation

Our senses can be the best friend or the worst enemy when it comes to focusing on meditation. So, to add positive sense to our meditation, we must control and engage our five senses, namely Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch & Taste, in the right manner. You cannot achieve it in a single day, but practice will bring you the desired results. So, let’s find out how to positively engage our 5 senses to facilitate our meditation process.

  • Sound – Focus should be on a soft sound like a clock ticking, flowing water, the bird songs, the sound of drizzling, ocean waves, soft music, etc.
  • Sight – focus can be on a candle flame or light source, a flower, a picture, scenery, your guru’s face or eyes, etc.
  • Smell – the focus should be on a good smell like that of flower, burning incense, essential oils, chocolate, etc.
  • Touch – Feeling soft touch like that of a feather, massaging of body, synchronized body movements with music, etc.
  • Taste – Focus should be on sweet taste like that of chocolate, honey, corn flakes, etc.

Our senses are nothing but our internal ambience. 

The positive internal ambience is vital for the success of the meditation process, but the same heavily depends upon our external ambience i.e., the ambience of our Meditation Room or Space, which we use for our mediation. That’s why we must not ignore the ambience of our meditation space as it directly impacts our control over our internal ambience, i.e., our five senses. So, let’s find out the various Meditation space/Room elements, which can play a very supportive role in gaining our meditation skills.

Elements of Meditation Room

You don’t need expensive studios or rooms to practice meditation. Meditation is the simplest tool to discover and nurture your true potential, and you need not empty your pocket to practice this wonderful art and science.

All you need is the proper ambience, whether visible or invisible, which facilitates your path towards gaining good meditation skills. Let’s find them out.

Invisible Elements for the ultimate Meditation Space:

  • Ambience/look should be clean and uncluttered, no matter how small or large.
  • Lightening – A comparatively dark and dim lighted space paves the way for a spark in mind.
  • Temperature – Temperature should be 4-5 degrees less than the average body temperature, as meditation can produce heat in the body.
  • Humidity– Relative humidity level should be 30-40 % to ease the evaporation of sweat generated during meditation.

Visible elements for the ultimate Meditation Space:

  • An Altar for keeping meditation items
  • Soft Blanket & Cushion
  • Candles
  • Incense sticks
  • Other times as per requirement and belief like special crystals, essential oils, Maalas, and pictures of your favorite teachers or gurus, etc.

You can see that creating the ultimate meditation space or room to practice meditation is quite simple and does not involve much cost. But, the benefits it offers in return are definitely precious and life-changing.

Lastly, meditation is the beautification of the body and mind to synchronize it with our Soul. So, it’s vital to beautify our meditation space before we can utilize the power of meditation for our internal beautification.

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